Sunday, September 16, 2018


Standing tall does not only mean structure, but it means inside, which, to me, is more important then anything.  You have to stand up for yourself at any age.  The younger generation talk about being bullied at school.  All ages can be bullied.  It is not right.  I tell you that I hear and see and also have had people bully me and I am 70.  But I am a force inside that may not look like it on the outside.  They may see this eccentric, old hippie lady, with white hair, a little slower walk, but are wrong to only see that.  I am strong.  I am standing tall always on the inside, for myself and for others.  Bullies look out.  There are lots of people like me around.  We stand for good, we stand for character, for respect, for truth and more truth, for dignity, honesty, loyalty, and kindnesses also.
Don't think you should over look the older person, and don't neglect or disrespect them.  We are here for others.  We are here for others to look at and listen to and learn from.  

I like learning all I can and often it is from younger people.  Some of my older friends have just stopped.  It is ashamed as I see it.  So much life to live, even at 70.  So much yet to experience and learn.  

So get up, get going, stand tall, learn, and grow, and stand tall for yourself and others.  Be brave.  Also standing tall is good physically for the old frame of bones that hold us up.
Be the best you can be.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Today I spent time with the hummingbirds that grace my backyard and dining room window feeders.  As I go out the screen door, they whiz past, enjoying their flight and the food to come.  Some times while I am hanging up a full feeder, they start eating before I get it hooked to the chain that holds it.  As of yet none have landed on my hands.  Today, however, while taking photos of these little birds, and watching the feeders through my lens for them, one decided to shock me by hovering right in front of my lens.  I did not capture a shot of it, but just enjoyed the moment.  At times this is what I find myself doing, enjoying my moments and not always taking photos or sharing the photos I have taken.  IT seems to make my moments of life just a little sweeter.  But I still share some, and have even been posting some to the local weather channel.  They use them in their weather/news reports.  It is fun to being watching television and see a part of my day and knowing others are sharing it also, and just maybe liking it.

So I now share some hummer photos with all of you.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

First Purse made....

Addicted, Arlis, a fabric worker for Hobby Lobby, told me when I purchased fabric for a purse.  She said I would get addicted and make lots of them.  I thought, well, maybe, but I will be happy to finish this one first.  She was right and we both laughed about it when I headed her way a few days ago with the search on for more fabric in the remnant pile for a few more purses, only a few, actually only two, but then when I go up to the cutting counter, there it was, long bolts of fabric, upholstery, and some in steel blue with varied sized dots, so very Frank Lloyd Wright I thought, and it was wide, marked down to only $4.00 a yard.  A yard I said, so off I went to the cutting board with it and my remnants . 
Arlis, well she laughed again, and said, well that yard will probably make 4 purses, so now you have fabric for six.  Happy sewing.  But I still have my fall dress jacket to cut out and sew.....So today, well I did not sew, but I cut.  My jacket is all carefully cut out as it is a large project with lots of detail, pleats in the back, lapels, pockets, and button holes, plus lining.  I just had to cut out just one purse also.  Just one.  I admit I was tempted to cut out more, but did not cave.  

Photo below is of my first purse which I sewed this week.  It was fun, quite easy, and I think pretty also.  The thing is that you can design any print or color and add buttons, or other items to it.  So it becomes uniquely yours...or whoever you are making it for.  

My Newest Quilt.....

This week I finished the mason jar, zinc lid, critters inside embroidered block quilt with bee fabric for sashes and outer boarder.  A pale yellow small floral for the framing of the blocks looks so nice also.  The back is bright colors, with paisley print and flowers.  I liked using the quilt width backing, my first time to do that in all the quilts I have made through the years.  Sometimes I have used a sheet but first to purchase backing fabric and am pleased with it, so it is a must for the next up and comer quilt which is autumn colors and will be a block four square.  I have yet to start it because I have other projects to do first in sewing, such as some purses, a new found addiction to making them.  Also am sewing a very nice fall jacket for myself,  black embossed and lined with a pink rayon.  Large project which I would like to finish before going on vacation mid October.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Peach good.

Fresh from our orchard, peaches, so sweet and lovely that when I made pie, I did not have to use any sugar.  No sugar at all, just some butter and spices.  So delicious.  I also made a peach upside down cake which was so tasty, but had to use brown sugar for the topping, and some sugar in the cake part.  

Now when it comes to jam.  It takes lots of work to clean and cut all the peaches needed, however only four cups for each batch I made.  I cut them small but then placed them in the kettle and squashed them some also with my potato masher.  While cooking and stirring and stirring some more, I had time to think and remember my dear sweet Grandma Clara who passed away in 1988.  That is 30 years, yes, but such great time always remembering how she made jams and jellies in this very kettle that I now have.  I also use the funnel and dipper to fill the jars that she used.  I helped her at times make jams and jellies, always wearing an apron.  Honestly, I even have the last apron she sewed before getting too ill with her cancer to sew any longer.  All of this makes my day and work more special.  Memories cannot be purchased nor can my jam.  It does not even compare to the best jam out there.  That is no exaggeration or just is.  Today my husband took a small jar in to a friend at his coffee group.  You would have thought we gave him gold.  He knew what he was getting and felt very privileged to receive it.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Busy Country Life

Not just inside, but outside, things are busy.  I have been picking lovely peaches, baking with them and also freezing bags of peeled and sliced for later use, plus making jam.  I also have cut the last of my herbs to dry.  There is plenty stashed away for my use during the down season.  Still working on my quilt, but it has been hard to get at it the past week do to being busy with new phones.  We actually finally went from flip phones to Samsung Galaxy S9's.  Wow.  With all of that I also continue to walk, swim, and take the dogs for many walks.  I do my yoga often.  It has been a time to repot some of the lovely plants from the screen porch that have outgrown their pottings.  Such fun to get things finished, inside also, putting out fall decor, and just enjoying cleaning things during the way, standing back and smiling at my creations of knitted pumpkins, some felted, and also felt work pictures.  The corn stalks were cut to make a fall decor by the front porch, awaiting my pumpkin patch to finish up so I can take my old wheelbarrow full of pumpkins to the front door also.  I can just see it now.  It will be beautiful.  I have been dog setting my daughter's dog several times lately, and also a friend's dog.  My little guys like that.  My newest task has been to work on a children's book.  So much to learn besides the writing, and little by little I am getting things in place to have it printed.  Photography takes up some of each of my days.  I have recently been a contributor to the television station during their weather time with lovely photos I take just around our rural NE Missouri country home.  Sunsets, sunrises, trees, flowers, produce, clouds, birds, frogs, and so much more.  I like seeing them on the station from time to time.  Also has been fun to have people call my name out when I am at the grocery store and tell me they liked my sunflower picture, or my willow tree picture.  I do not feel famous by any means, but I feel like I am doing some things I enjoy and getting to share them with others.  So when I bake my breads weekly and share a loaf with a neighbor, I share also.  Life should be that way, especially when it is so full and good as this country woman's life.

Hoping your days are productive, fun, and peaceful also.

Sunday, August 26, 2018


Lovely Country Sky

Tonight I just had to walk out to the end of our gravel driveway and get a photo of our changing sky.  It changed three times while I was doing the photos. So lovely to see these pretty skies in our rural NE Missouri area.  We get great sunrises and sunsets.  Just always seem to have to grab my camera and go:

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Photos in black and white

Country living is great fun for me.  I enjoy my many hobbies, walking and photography being some of them.  I also enjoy sharing my photos online, both on facebook, email, and this blog.  Because I live on acreage, I have much to photo and chose from, blessings.  Besides that, I have four little dogs that are very photogenic.

Monday, August 13, 2018


Some times I shock myself with not getting to my blog.  I need to work on it more and make it a better spot.  Sometimes I get busy with my country life of growing things, sewing things, knitting things, plus enjoying my dogs, It will all fit in, but as I grow older I believe what is happening to me, may be happening to some of you also.  We begin to count our time, our years, our months and days we have left in this world.  None of us know how much.  The current rate of life for a woman in America is 81....eleven years left.   I always have so many ideas and plans that I joke that I must live to be 150.  My family has longivity, especially the women.  With knowing all of that, for some reason this summer has brought my mind to wanting to organize and cut out the clutter of my life.  No, my house is not cluttered, and I try to get my things finishes, but the clutter of my life seems to be in my head.

All that typed, I must say, I slow down and do yoga, meditate, and come back with I need to do more.  My thought is that my days have become so relaxed, getting things done, but just no hurry for getting things done.  No rush.  My mind tells me differently.  What a silly struggle.  Just typing this makes me feel silly.  I know that I enjoy the calm, the peace, the slowness of  being retired and living here in the country.  I know I finish things and organize my life so that I do just that.  

One thing I know is that I value learning, doing, being most of all.  Being present.  My being present has slowed me down to really see things of this world and my life.  It is awesome to feel so alive.  Maybe in feeling so alive, I have actually gotten to value my life more, and with that I realize that it is limited and I don't want to miss a thing.

So I have decluttered with stress, drama, people who are not grateful (I cannot make them better), and all the "noise" of our media and politics.  I follow it all and care much, but then release things to a "MUCH BETTER" place.  My place and my life...however much time I have with it.

I read, right, nap, walk, etc.  Sometimes I take a morning nap with my little dogs.  Some days it is an afternoon nap, and soup for dinner, not a big thing.  Someday I take no nap at all.  

I am woman, watch me LIVE, and be true to all I have left, one day or many years.  Check out your life and progress also.  Believe that it is okay to take a survey of how you are managing things to get a full value life, a life just designed by you.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Clothes On The Line

Each time I hang clothes on the line and see them blowing in the wind, softly, moving with the breeze, and in the process drying by wind power, I just sigh, not in tiredness or sadness.  I sigh because it just makes me happy to see clothing blowing on the line, not to mention how good they all smell when taken back in the house.  Summer time is different then fall or winter or spring.  Each season seems to have a different smell of clothes on the line, but this I know, it is such a blessing to just stand and watch them, while appreciating it all.

Gratitude for country life, country work, country doings, and country quietness.
Owls at night, and even coyote.  Morning starts with the birds waking and giving thanks.  Clouds in bright blue skies, my willows swaying with the breeze, and even now and then a frog talking from the pond.


Right now I appreciate the light blanket that was on the line.  I have it on my lap with my little dogs laying around me.  Summer clothes on the line smell which is so great.

My Country Window Sill

Believing that anyone that gardens....grows....and also anyone that grows tomatoes has them sitting on their window sills.  Now I pick my tomatoes when they are ripe, but for some reason put them on the windowsill as if to ripen them more.  Actually I believe it is a habit.  They also look so very pretty.  They are red, ripe, and so sweet.  Purchased ones are never ripe through so I also place them on the window sills in the winter.  All my life I grew up with family having tomatoes during growing season on their windowsills and as an adult, so have I.  One of my many pleasures of country life, garden life, and produce joy.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Summer Time Eating

This season is always rewarding to me as far as growing things.  I have a plaque in my kitchen that is like a sprinkling can and it states,  "Those who Garden Grow".  It is so true.  Each year, even at age 70, it seems I learn something new, with my herbs, with tomatoes, corn, etc.  I may try something new...this year I have sweet corn that has black kernels.  I also did not grow potatoes but have a large pumpkin patch in that area.  My mini garden or salad garden is producing nice tomatoes and some cucumbers but my peppers have not even bloomed.  The plants look great but you can not eat them.  I wonder why and will then go on to another year and different pepper plants.  

Today I put two gallons of cut tomatoes in the freezer for winter use in chili, etc.  I also put four bags of corn in the freezer, not the black kernels, but other.  We eat lots of salads and berries when they are in season; having black berries, strawberries and black raspberries.  We also will be eating lots of pears, apples and peaches plus grapes later this season.  I make pear and apple sauces and jellies and jams.  All is fun and delicious and makes nice gifts.

Today after cleaning corn, I kept the husks and silk and it is drying on the floor of the garage on an old blanket.  I will make some corn husk dolls which I have not done for years.  Free gifts, with just the pleasure of making them.

Country life and summer eating and growing is enjoyable.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Fourth of July, 2018

Hoping your holiday was fine.  We had family here and even some family dogs.  Also had our neighbor dog who is our guest dog for the summer as they are in their homeland of South Africa.  Lots of food, some fishing and swimming also.

Hoping that this holiday can continue to be celebrated for freedoms and a country that I love.  As things go in our time of trouble in our wonderful country and many including me, think of moving to Canada, which is a great country also, I continue to pray for our country to sustain through this term of a terrible leader.

With that said, I put red on my lovely dogs and gave my granddaughter a nice July 4th fascinator and went on with the day.  However, this positive person decided that I cannot tolerate the negativity of some of the family member....actually rudenesses to each other and to me.  So this is the last July 4th that I will have everyone here.  I will always celebrate this day as I love my country.  Thinking about it...even if I move to wonderful Canada, I will still celebrate July 4th for this wonderful country.

Saturday, June 30, 2018


Yesterday I made homemade chicken pot pie.  It is simple, fun to make, and very tasty and has plenty for several meals.  We had it last night and again tonight.  I made it mid day and then warmed it up for our dinner last night.  Tonight I just sliced some pieces and put the plates in the microwave.  It was great to have these delicious leftovers as I was outside as was Roy lots today.
It was hot but we paced ourselves and took breaks in the air conditioning and drank lots of water and lemonade.  In fact the lemonade was homemade also with lemons, water, honey, ice and a teaspoon of infused lavender.  Very refreshing.

Monday, June 25, 2018



This morning I just did not feel right, not myself, not rested, not ready to go with my plans for the day.  So my thought was to not sew today as I am sewing a little more difficult item and want to take it slow and do it well.  So the sewing was going to sit today as I was not feeling just right.  Instead I headed outside in the heat and humidity to do the much needed weeding of my cactus garden.  It is not a large large area but large enough that it took me one and a half hours.  It has yucca and prickly pair and also some sedums at each end and a little evergreen at one end.  Such a pretty garden, with bird baths and some wine bottles on a tree my husband made for me.  

It was hard work and I had four large buckets of grass and weeds.  All the weeding made my hands sore, but I will sew tomorrow I told myself.  The buckets of weeds were hauled away and the hoe put up.  I washed off my gloves and shoes.  Looking back at my garden, it was a "sticky" job but now it was looking really "sharp" again.  I know that is a funny pun, but I could not resist.  

Now looking back at this mornings thoughts about how I was feeling, my conclusion is that I was not feeling good because I was not thinking right.  Why would this person who has asthma and was told to not work too long outdoors in the humidity and heat, do this.  Maybe because I like how "sharp" it looks again.  Maybe because I just needed to be outside.  And, actually with my sore hands, I was still able to do some baking, knit a little and embroider a little.  So it did turn out to be a good day.



Today as I stood with one of my many handmade aprons on, in my lovely country kitchen, I was very joyful.  I looked into the dining room and in the windows as in the kitchen windows were homegrown herbs hanging to dry.  One the one corner of the kitchen counter were young dill plants that I had to strip the  dill weed from so it could dry.  While doing all this, I was drinking tea from a sweet old tea cup, and listening to the birds singing outside.  I was rolling out dough with my FRENCH rolling pin, flour from my large old jars with red lids, and it goes on and on.   It was almost a COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE moment.  I was making a black raspberry constata.  They were picked from our little patch at the edge of the backyard lawn just entering the woods.  

Now with all that lovely nostalgia, I must say, I also appreciate my wonderful stove with a bread proof setting for the oven, my wonderful food processor that I made my tart and pie crust in, and my air fryer that I will use again tonight for dinner items.  Then later I will use my Keurig for a nice special cup of coffee after dinner.  

It is a balance as is all of life.  So as I balance out my hobbies and jobs around home; my time in this retirement stage of my life; I stand in my country kitchen saying I am a grateful 70 year old woman.  My hope for you is that you find what makes you happy also and always make time to do it even if you are not retired.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Our local Humane Society covers six counties in Northeast Missouri, thus called NEMO Humane Society.  It does a great job, limited funds, old building site with being there 40 years now.  They have  given help and homes to many animals through those years and done the best they can with what they have.  I am one recipient of their service.  My Daisy Mae Foxhound came from there when she was rescued from death in a drainage ditch as a young puppy.  She came home with me when she was eight weeks old.  Such a joy.  Then Hemingway to follow after my loss of dear Daisy Mae.  Hemingway was followed by Mr. Molesley.  Vincent came through a friend who could not keep this puppy they had five days, but he was on his way to the NEMO Humane Society.  Recently, actually last week, we got little ten year old Chico, a chihuahua.  NEMOHS notified me that this little guy, aged but great, less some teeth, needed a good older person home as we had lost his mom, an older lady.  He is a blessing to us and our other crew of numbering four.  But they are little!

Chico is not quite ten pounds, grey haired and no fault of his, had to get a new home as his mom was elderly and had had a recent fall.  She could no long care for herself let alone Chico.  Apparently no family could take or would take him, but the staff knew that they could find him an appropriate home.  After researching what they had sent me, we went down to the shelter and signed up to be his "forever" home.

He could not come home for a few days as he had to spend time at the vet getting all shots and getting neutered at age 10.  Wow, I was concerned for this little guy, but he seems to be doing fine.  He also has that Chihuahua attitude of being a BIG DOG and holds his own with my yorkie, maltese, and Italian greyhound.  He has been welcomed in and continues to heal from his surgery.  I know in my heart that he continues to heal from his lack of his only known mom.  My job and gift is to become that new mom for him.  It seems to be going well as he likes lots of lap time, pets and hugs.  He follows me around and plays some with the other dogs.  He is enjoying his big yard and has learned to go in and out the dog door.  He is sleeping better at night and eating some better.  

Like people, it does matter our history as to our future.  He had a good past history and I believe it is making it easier for him to adjust to another chance at a new home and continued good life.  My other dogs did not have a good past history, with abandonment, neglect and mistreatment.  However, with all four of them, they seem to be such grateful little guys to have a good home.

If you can find it in your ability to share some of your life and resources with a needy animal, I just want you to know that they do appreciate it .  They show it in so many ways, maybe even a kiss and tail wag.

Friday, June 8, 2018


Country life is "my" way to live, but maybe not for everyone.  As I see people hustling around when I do go to town, I wonder if they ever stop to smell the roses, peonies or even daisies.  Today on CBS I saw a story about Forest meditation.  Being aware of the surrounding, being out in nature, listening and looking, resting in it all, taking it in.  I am so blessed to have that daily in my life.  

During these times, I do photography, and so many hobbies.  I also enjoy my gardens and playing with my dogs.  Reading in the lovely screened porch is good.  However, with all of that, it is a need to get out in the little forest by our house or go over to the farm and walk in the many many acres of trees and creek.  Watching the birds, the blooms, well, is that healing.

Even with all of this, there are days like today where I sit for quite a bit in the morning, by myself with my dogs at my sides, and simply contemplate my life, past, present, and future.  Believing this is also a healthy endeavor, I am reminded by news this a.m. of another famous person killing themselves.  Sad and a great lose, and why.  Did they contemplate their lives and were unhappy with themselves.  Were there no people to care about them or for them to really talk with.  Busyness can overtake people, and they soon lose themselves in it.  

I never wish to get lost in busyness, but I know after my long morning of contemplating, it can encourage, sadden, and reward you.  But now it is time to get moving.  Not to be busy, but to be active and enjoy my outside country life. 

Encouragement for you to take off your shoes and walk in the grass, place them in a creek, a pond, or even a wishing fountain in a park.  Look up at the trees, the birds, butterflies and the clouds.  Contemplate, be full of your world.  It is not politics, crooks, and all sadness.  There is so much joy in a summer breeze, a blooming flower, etc.
So as I get going and also think about how I can encourage my so many family members and friends who are hurting today or for days, making them depressed;  I beg you to not let it all get you down.  Our world is a wonderful place.  Get a copy of Louis Armstrong's famous song about our wonderful world...oh, yeah!

Friday, June 1, 2018


June 1 in NE Missouri was very warm, actually, beating its record at 100 in our area.  Wow, but it made for a great swimming day to welcome in summertime.
My three little guys went in the pool with me.  It is just a simple but large above ground pool, now about five years old, but it is wonderful in my country living to have this pool to enjoy, especially in weather like this.  

In July we will have a pool party for Hemingway's birthday and his dog friends so I have been getting our other two boys, Vincent and Mr. Molesley more used to the pool.  My Hemingway just loves it, jumps and dives and swims all around.   It has taken more with the other two, especially Vincent who has been timid in many things.  I am so proud of how they are doing.  It is very enjoyable.  They make me smile.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


It cannot be said often enough how much I enjoy my country home and lifestyle.  I know all cannot nor do they want to live in the country.  But, I know for this seventy year old, I feel blessed.  Being raised in the country, and living in the country most of my adult life, I can compare city life as I have done some of that also and some suburb life.  It was okay as it was what I had to do.  I have found that it is best for me to be positive and adapt to my situations as they come in life.  However, my choice for country living is rewarded.

The garden, the yard, the trees, and woods are just a wonder to look at and sit in.  To find new spots to sit or walk and discover some new plant or insect still excites my being.  To watch the clouds or listen to the rain on my screen porch tin roof is soothing.  When I bake, fix salad, etc, from things I have grown makes me think of people years ago.  Or, today those who like to live organically, self sustaining, free of products shipped miles, but fresh things, I admire you also.  And, we get to taste "real foods".

Homemade sandwich bread made in a special covered heavy metal pan from the wonderful old company, King Arthur Flour, in Vermont.  Freshly made with healthy ingredients.  Delicious.  

You can do these things in the city also.  Bake, walk, listen and look.  I encourage you to just connect yourself to the world, your world where you live now.  And if you want to someday live in the country....then plan for that.  I can tell you it is well worth it.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Years ago I made my dog food for my pack of seven dachshunds.  Now that I have three little guys, ages 2, 3, and 7, I thought I was doing fine with purchasing good food, but my Hemingway, Yorkie mix, has become a fussy eater.  So with the latest Mary Jane Farm magazine and its wonderful dog treats and food to make, I got a great thought to again make my food.

It is simple, and I make enough to last for awhile, but I put it in containers and freeze it, as it is organic and fresh, no preservatives.  I only have about two days worth in each container which I refrigerate.  They are loving it and
 Vincent vG  (yes, van Gogh
 Hemingway, yes after Ernest             and Mr. Molesley after a character in Downton Abby.
it is much healthy for them.  Actually it smells and looks good.  

So it has fresh veggies like carrots, tomato, potato and spinach.  It also has apples, blueberries, and banana.  The meat can vary, I have used pork and beef, ground and browned.  I cook the veggies/fruit later in broth, organic also and sometimes homemade.
My guys run for their meals now.

Friday, May 25, 2018


A few days ago we picked 1 pint of fresh strawberries, and two days later we picked a gallon.  They are smaller, but sweet sweet sweet.  I had ordered a lovely short and smaller bundt pan which has an indented top so you can fill it with fresh our lovely strawberries.  It is such a pleasure to have these fresh berries.  We also have blackberries and black raspberries, and trees with apples and pears and peaches.  The smell of the orchard is so pleasant.  It is fun watching things grow also.  Farming, gardening, and living in our country home is a joy.  There is work in all of these things, but it is joyful work, with sunshine, quiet, harmony of the bird songs, and fresh air.  At night I may be tired after spending time trimming, weeding, hoeing, picking, and even canning and freezing.  But it is "delicious" and healthy.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


About five years ago two of my grandson's, my son's wonderful boys, and my husband planted a three tiered strawberry patch for me.  I had taken out the big garden and also the large strawberry patch which was getting old.  My desire was to go smaller.  Thus for my birthday one year they made this lovely patch.  I enjoy having the tiers as it makes it easier to pick.

Yesterday, 5-22-2019, I picked my first "pint" of berries.  They are small, but sweet and delicious.  It is fun to was them in the neat new container, ceramic, that I picked them in.  Funny story when I purchased this at Hobby Lobby a few days ago, an older man stuck up a conversation with me about what I was going to pick in it.  I nicely told him about my patch and that it would be fun to use it.  He continued on talking when I had a sense that he was flirting with me.  I just smiled and said, "Nice talking with you."  I am 70 and this boosted my spirits, but I also walked out of Hobby Lobby with a neat purchase that made me smile, that day and when I used it to pick, and wash my berries in.

The best part is that I took my freshly cleaned berries and mashed them with some sugar, scooped out two dishes of vanilla ice cream and had this lovely treat along with fresh warm homemade bread with good butter on for lunch....with my husband of many years.  He conversed and licked his lips, saying how blessed we are to have our own berries.  Be they littler then store berries, but they are also much tastier, and all organic!