Friday, July 11, 2014

Glamping time ahead!

As lawns grow, produce needs harvesting, renters are evicted and mad, berries are ripening at the farm, yes, I am looking forward to a glampin time ahead.  I plan to leave Sunday afternoon after church service as I love going to church and being with my church family.  My son and family was at camp all week but will have to visit or call me at campgrounds.  My daughter was at training for her job all week, but same goes for her.
I am learning that during our journey of cancer (husband has aggressive lymphoma), I get a real need to grab at times away. 

Of course my Daisy Mae (foxhound) will go with me.  Today she got excited when she saw me in my rubber boots which I keep in the camper.  I also use them for berry picking as I don't like poison ivy or snakes.  Blackberries are ripening fast and they are very yummy.  I went today and they probably won't need picking until Tuesday when my husband said he would go for awhile.  It gives him something to do besides sit around.  I must keep him up and going when he is feeling good.  I took Daisy picking with me as she was just so excited about the boots.  I tell you, not much gets past her active and smart mind.

I packed some rootbeer and other food items I could put in ahead of time.  I also put in my wonderful accordion and music.  Sure am glad for this wonderful auction find.  I so enjoy playing music, but cannot see taking my organ or piano in my camper.  That would be a bit much, even it I am a glamper. 

My camper has many quilts and doilies.  It also has "real" dishes, not paper plates, cloth napkins, placemats and table clothes, and many teapots and tea cups, plus a very nice vintage chrome electric perculator (on ebay they are selling for around $50.00 but auction purchase it was $3.00).  I also have a vintage chrome one slice electric toaster, auction price of $2.00 and ebay now selling for over $30.00.  For any glampers, auctions are really a way to get some of this vintage stuff.  It just makes that coffee and toast more fun in the morning.  I have many books, journels, art supplies also packed.

Oh, I can hardly wait until Sunday afternoon.  I even have my firewood in the truck already....and can taste those s'mores which I make with windmill cookies instead of graham crackers.  Just one more yummy "glamping" thing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Time/ The Living is not always "easy".

Summer time upon all of us and it has been hot, humid, sunny, and wonderful so far.  I cannot believe that today is July 1, 2014 being half gone.  It has been an eventful year so far and wondering what will be it's finish.

My husband has stage 3 Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma; he has cancer, and right now is not doing so well.  We are rejoicing in the care he gets from our local cancer center and then many people in neighborhood and church and family that show care and concern.  He has good and bad days.  Therefore, so do I.

I have taken on all of my past projects and hobbies, including my "glamping", trying to go at least two times a month for a few days at a time.  I have learned to drive and mow with our zero radius mower and must admit I enjoy it.  It is like a little race car that just trucks along and gets so close to things that it leaves less weed eating....which is good.  My grandson, age 16, has been doing the weed eating for me, but this week he grew up lots by getting his driver's license and also a job.  So, this may also become one of the many jobs I have gained.  At least I enjoy the great outdoors.  I till the garden, hoe and weed, but have done some of that before. 

Our garden is growin well.  Today I dug some of the 60 hills of red potatoes and they are wonderful.  I passed some on to family and have a very large bowl all washed and ready for use setting on our kitchen counter.  Yes, you can tell I am a country person when I think potatoes in a bowl on the counter are pretty.  It comes with the planting, hoeing and watching them grow and then getting to dig and wash them.  A few years ago my husband got me a nice spade for digging potatoes and I am pretty proud of it....and my potatoes.

Our corn is tasseling, and I picked my first cucumber today.  I also pulled out the pea plants and our lettuce as they are done for the season.  I may plant some in a fall garden.  

Swimming time comes each day, even if I am tired from all my work.  It helps restore those sore muscles.  I always take time in the morning to have coffee, watch my dogs play, and sit on the porch swing.  I have decided to not let this parenthesis of our life called cancer stop me from enjoying each day here in our wonderful country setting and also when I get to go glamping with my Daisy Mae.

We have already gone four times this season and have enjoyed the time away.  I think it is needed, even if I seem to have lots of work when I get back home.  A new friend and support person told me that I must keep the parts of my life I can as it is too hard to try to pick them back up once you are through this journey.  She lost her husband to cancer six years ago and during his year illness, she said she gave up everything and his life and cancer were all that she was living for.  So she said that it took her about five years to regain just some of her life.  She advised me to not make that mistake as it does not help anyone, even the person with the cancer.