Monday, October 17, 2016

Wisconsin Trip Pictures.......September 14-21, 2016

So happy to have a week in my home state.
Wow, it is so clean and neat compared to Missouri.
 Sturgeon Bay.  So nice.
 Wading in Green Bay water.  I love this peninsula.
 View from Rib Mountain State Park of Lake Wausau and area.
Oak Park  in Wausau.  So pretty.


Still Here........

It seems that time gets away from me, I am retired, and have lots of time, but use it all for my many things I am interested in doing.  But today I told myself that I needed to get back to my blog and actually do more of it, and make things better.  There is much to learn so I will have to work on it.  I know that people have fancy blogs, but mine is just simple.  However, I like to keep things simple.  Even if my style is eclectic in decor, and maybe even a little eccentric in dress at times, I like simple.  Really I do.  I like my schedule, especially very light and simple.  It does not speak to not getting anything done, but I see myself going less, and also committing less to groups, etc.  

For the going less, that means daily things.  I do not go at all at night.  Not that I could not, I just don't like to.  It is my time to watch some news programs, sit and knit, or other hand work, and hold my dogs, read.  I like being quiet so I also can sleep better.  During the day, well, I go less because.....I just have so much at home to do.  

I continue to enjoy my country life, walks, photography, my gardens, dogs, and hobbies such as the list goes on and one.  I still do my yoga in my basement set up area, and I still paint....but have not done much this summer as planned.

Traveling is the times I go away.  I like day trips.  I like three day trips.  Sometimes I even like going for a week.  Just last month, my daughter, Leslie, and I went for seven days to Wisconsin.  How lovely it was to spend that time with her....reliving memories of this wonderful state that I grew up in and she lived some parts of her life in it also. 

First we went to Door County Peninsula.  We had such a grand time in wineries, doing art, eating, shopping, walking by the water, photography, meeting people, bookstores, tea shops, and just all around fun.  We were even invited to a Writer's Night at the Holiday Hotel where we stayed.  It is song writers and it was so much fun to listen to new fresh voices and music.

Next we did some memory reliving in going to Birnamwood, WI where we lived for several years.  It is a little town, now 800, but only about 600 when we lived there.  We even visited the bakery and post office.  We headed to the great Nueske's which is famous for being honored with  having it's bacon (wild cherrywood smoked) the bacon of the White House.  

When we got to Wausau, my home town, well, there was much to do, parks, gardens, museums, islands, and more parks, plus Rib Mountain State Park.  We ate in a mine, and we visited some breweries, bookstores, yarn shop, and had a good visit with some of my friends who still live in the area.  I even went to see my parent's old house where I grew up and the people who own it now, invited me.  

So, my going can be one day or longer, but it usually is a trip going, not just going for busy time.  I have lots of fun times at home and I don't call them busy.  I have full days, but it is doing the things I so enjoy to do.

Right now as I type, dogs are at my feet, and one is on my lap.  They soothe my soul and keep me company in this country life which I love so much.  Because I love it all so much, I find it hard to find busy running even measuring up to my days at home.