Tuesday, August 26, 2014


As I walked with my Daisy Mae on this hot and humid summer day in Northeastern Missouri, I said to Daisy....I talk to her all the time....so don't think it crazy.  She is a good listener because she is a smart foxhound.  Anyway, I said that surely fall was coming.  I even worked inside getting ready.  I dusted and sorted and dug in my bureau and doily drawers and got out all my fall decor. 

Now the fireplace mantel is adorned with crocheted and knit pumpkins and varigated corns which are also knit.  I have a vase with silk sunflowers.  All are placed on a nice fall quilted runner.  The antique bureau is the host home for my collection of Native American figurines with harvest abound.  My antique blanket keeper holds some ceramic pumpkins and my stable on this piece of furniture, an older farming couple with harvest and shovel in hand.  They stand in front of a very old frame and print of two peasant farmers out in the soil praying over their coming crop, standing near a wheelbarrow of potatoes to be planted or maybe they have been harvested also.  It is very special to me as it was my mother in laws.  There is a fall quilt covering the coffee table and a bright yellow tray with ceramic pumpkins and a candle on sitting in the center of the table.  The tv cabinet has one pumpkin on .  My kitchen and dining have fall things also as do the bedrooms and bathrooms.  The study even has some to help celebrate this season.

And celebrate we do, as this fall season holds such wonderful festivals in our area, and at home.  We harvest the last of things and dig and till and clean up, getting ready for a rest season and a clear start to next year.  Today I also took out the tomato and pepper plants, cucumbers also.  All are finished.  Only the sweet potatoes need to be dug yet.  Left are pretty sunflowers and zinnas to brighten the day.  The color is so enjoyable, rich and varied.  The sunflowers are bowing and turning with the sun, almost as if they were smiling and watching the day go by.

So all this preparing and decorating.  I enjoy fall decor as I leave it up from September through November.  I don't tire of the colors and the peacefulness of it all. 

The funny part is as I talked to Daisy on our walk, I recall saying, "It is so hot and humid, surely fall is coming soon.  I have decorated and am ready a little ahead of time, but am some tired of this humidity as it does a number on my asthma.  How silly to think that by some magical willing, that this one country woman can summon up the fall season and weather.  I may be ready, but it all depends on GOD.  I ceased to remember how very thankful I am to live in an area that has four different, changing seasons, of which I enjoy each and every one.  I ceased to remember that I cannot change GOD's timing.  I can just enjoy each day HE gives and feel blessed. 

So I feel blessed with the heat of today, and GOD willing, with the coolness of fall and golden and red leaves, and less yard work, and much time to celebrate the harvest and share with family and friends. 

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter....are all blessings to be adored as GOD decorates our world during each.   Enjoy the change of the season ahead.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


This country woman has a project closet and I feel blessed to have a place where I can keep and organize things.  I don't have a sewing room anymore, but this closet is a great substitute.  I generally take my machine and sew on the dining room table and like the view to the back yard and gardens and orchard while sewing.  Or on a winter day, I like the cedar grove covered with soft snow and the little drifts formed around the trees as the wind lightly blows. 

It is one thing to have a place for everything in that closet, but that does not mean that this person always puts everything where it should be.  I also take many projects with me when I go off "glamping" (glamour camping) with my Daisy Mae, foxhound.  But when I come home, I often just place the pile back in the closet. Also when I have gone shopping and am worn out from the drive and day out, I put the bags of material on top of whatever is there in the closet.  So, when the closet get messed up.....to my surprise...I have to straighten it.  It really needed a major straightening and I had help.

Alorah, my 12 year old granddaughter likes to sort and fuss with craft and project things and I am blessed she also likes to spend time with her grandmother.  So yesterday she came over for the afternoon to swim and help with my project closet.  We did swim and it was relaxing and fun to play and talk and talk and play.  Alorah is very interested in life and she is a good conversationalist. 

The closet was interesting as the first thing she said is, "oh, it does need help!".  So we took all out of the closet, not the top shelf as it mostly had my paints and frames on.  I have part of that stuff in the camper all season, so we just went to the rest of the shelves.  She had great ideas to organize.  She also was so interested in each and every project, my fabrics and yarns for future projects, and books and crocheting.  So in the process of cleaning a closet, I was able to share with Alorah, three quilts I am working on, two pairs of knit socks, some crocheting and new patterns given to me by a new craft/quilting friend, and also fabrics for future projects.  We put things in baskets (which I have plenty of) and moved all the frames from the top shelf to the basement.  Now I really have room for the things I will bring in from the camper...and my closet won't have to be so disorganized. 

The work was done, the sharing was fun, and I even sent her home with some wire to make jewelry and some fun beads and buttons.  But most of all, I sent her home with memories of spending the afternoon with her grandma, a country woman who likes to do things and enjoy life.  She actually said, "Grandma, you are pretty interesting."  Now think about that, I am not even a computer or ipad, or television or in Alorah's case, a book (which this girl loves as much as her grandma), but I am just her grandma and she likes that.  Well, I think she is pretty interesting also. 

Making those memories with our children and grandchildren and even our friends, is very important.  Doing in while working, doing it while playing and even doing it while sitting at the table as a group, eating simple food or a meal that you prepared together.  All great memory makers.


This week I was asked if I would be interested in a Master Gardener Club.  The key word here is "club", as I was thinking, oh, I have thought a time or two of doing that, but maybe I should do it now as I am retired and Roy is done with his chemo.  So I responded that I would be interested.  I looked at the names of some of the people who responded and thought of others who I know in the area who have taken the class.  How fun would it be to be in a class with these ladies.  Yes, I responded that I would.  Then the key word came up...."club", and one sentence reply, " you are thinking of the class, and you cannot be in our club if you have not taken the class!"  

Okay, so I don't fit the makings of this club.  Okay, I have not had the class yet.  I know it is a good class that the university extension office teaches and have even met one of the instructors.  I have friends other places who have taken the class....and this is a little hostility here....and they use the class....planting and growing and canning. 

I spent some time outside working on my flowerbeds, deadheading my daisies and picking the dead heads from my petunias which are flourishing so pink and pretty in my antique wheelbarrel.  I have pretty red petunia in a log planter (log sawed in half the long way which my husband did for me).  They look so nice and the reflection of the entire thing in the pond makes for great pictures.  Then I checked my honeysuckle which is blooming again and growing large and even into the tree it is near.  It smells and looks wonderful and adds a great touch next to the shed.  My sunflowers tower over everything and shine so pretty almost as if they smile at me.  They look pretty with pumpkins growing beneath them in my wonderful garden of produce we have eaten, froze, canned, and shared with many this year.  I walked over to check on my fruit, and yes, my second peach tree is ready to pick.  Two apple trees just not ready yet and a third is always later.  After stopping to see my wonderful perriwinkle color mammoth morning glories (seed is heritage from Baker Seed Company), and marveled at their size, my thought was that they sure do look petty on that vintage screen door we stood on end with posts and used as a trellis.  What an easy way to display them and it was an auction find for $5.00.  It goes with my other decor in the edge of the garden, a garden chair made by my grandson, James, and also a suncatcher wine bottle tree made by my husband.  All make for pretty pictures also.  But I was not done, I picked some zinnas from one of my two patches of mixed hugh blooms and walked over th admire my pampus grasses, and sedums and black-eyed Susans, cactus, and mums  beginning to bloom.  Before going in, I nipped off some basil from my herb bed and a little rosemary.  It is always fun to tie and dry by the kitchen window.  It can be used as gifts also.

So, maybe I would have liked the club and maybe I will do the class, but really, just really, what is in a title anyway.   If I want to go to the class sometime, I know I can and will, but i won't be for the title and belonging to something "special", as I already do.  You see I belong to that group of country women who actually do garden, can, grow, try new things, have fruit trees, use and share the produce and treasure looking at it all and enjoying the process of the growth.......

Oh, I forgot, I have a potato patch also in my old horse paddock.  The soil is rich and loose and my, what wonderful red potatoes we have had to eat and share.  Actually have a wash tub of them now stored in our basement. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Heat Is On

What an interesting summer this has been.  I have enjoyed having rain showers just as I thought I may need to water.  I have enjoyed cooler weather both for working in the yard and also camping.  But now, August ending, and children back to school, the heat is on.  Wow, in the 90's for most coming days for awhile.  Even at  night, warmth.

Hot weather does not cause me to put up my hands and say, no, I cannot do this or that.  I still take care of the yard, doing the mowing and weedeating myself this season as my husband is battling lymphoma.  He just finished his last chemo today, and will have some scans and then six (five day) weeks of radiation, with a prognosis of survival up to two years.  We will gladly take what we can get.  Oh, back to the yard.  I sorely, and I mean muscles appreciate him time and energy for so many years in keeping our three acres we live on looking good.  Oh, I was also very proud of myself walking out of Farm and Home, with my nice weedeater, more my size, but still able to get those tough weeds down.
It helps me use muscles I had not used in some time.

Our garden is doing okay.  I have already dug all the potatoes, 60 hills, and tilled up that area.  I have taken out all the melons, some good and many rotting due to the moisture.  I took out summer squash, which was wonderful this year. The tomatoes and peppers continue to grow, but my cucumbers are just finishing.  For the fruit, I have harvested one peach tree and one side of the grape arbor.  It is a great plan to plant different types of fruit that bear at different times.  I still have another large peach tree and more grapes to harvest, plus two very full apple trees.  My daughter in love likes to help with that.  A plus this year is making grape jelly to give to all the wonderful people we have gotten to know at the cancer center. 

The weather often was too cool for the pool, but it definately is being enjoyed this week.  I actually got in lots of swimming.  It felt good for these sore and over worked muscles to get some "floating" exercise and relaxing.  I have learned to care for the pool, things I did not already do.  It is good to have knowledge of things and I do appreciate having a pool out here in the country.

Daisy and I continue to camp, as it is my little retreat from "cancer" time.  I plan my times round Roy's schedule with doctors and how he is feeling.  I try to get some of my work load done before going and then finish up after.  This past week I was pleasantly surprised to come home to a mowed yard...thanks to my son who finally sees how tired his mom has gotten, and has pledged to mow each week for me.  I can tell you that I was worn down as the first night of camping, to bed at 8:00 and finished reading by 9:00 and slept until 9:52a.m. the next morning.  Even my Daisy Dog let me sleep long and hard....worn out I believe, but thankful for the reprieve of going "glamping" with my dear friend, Daisy.