Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Country Days Before Thanksgiving

In rural Missouri today, it is quite cold for this time of year, but the sun warms one's heart when they are outdoors walking with Ms. Daisy.  She has a large fenced backyard and can entertain herself in it with her four doxie friends whenever they like, as there is a nice large dog door to this area from our dining room door.  Ms. Daisy stilll  enjoys walking on a lead several times a day, as she finds a new adventure, even in the same areas everyday, because maybe a squirrel or rabbit passed that way.  The walks are good for me also. The fresh air and exercise is always a plus so I can get on with my full days as a country woman, even retired, but with plenty to do.

Today, getting ready for the Thanksgiving family holiday time together, I did lots of cleaning.  I scrubbed hardwood floors on my hands and knees, washing with bleach water and then wiping dry with a towel.  They get so nice and shiney.  I also like the clean smell.  I also washed all the bedding, as we are having one granddaughter for overnight company.  My daughter may decide to stay overnight also and go Black Friday shopping with us.  Roy, my husband, just loves the bargains, but mostly likes to people watch with me.  Then we go for breakfast after we have had our fill of it all.

Tomorrow is my pie making day.  I will bake a pecan and also a pumpkin, but one I really like making is a sweet potato like my Grandma Schabell used to make.  We grow our sweet potatoes and had a wonderful harvest this year.  So I will have to cook and mash them before making the pie.  As my granddaughter is coming tonight, she will be able to help me with all of this.  My pie crusts are a recipe of Ina Garten's (barefoot contessa).  The crust is made in a food processor with butter, flour, shortening and a little sugar, salt and water.  It rolls out well and tastes so buttery.  It is the best pie crust recipe I have ever used.  Well, it seems I did not use a recipe for years, but somehow I have lost my touch, and the crusts were not turning out well.  So this recipe is wonderful and always turns out great. 

I also will start the unthawing process of our 23 pound turkey.  Yes, 23 pounds....and it is because we just love to send some home with family plus have plenty of leftovers.  I can feast on leftovers from Thanksgiving for days and day, and, in fact, we usually do.

We will walk off some of the pounds as we shop and gad about on Black Friday.  I don't do the 3:00a.m. thing but Roy does, so I   amble to town, which would be Hannibal, and then to Quincy, Illinois, leaving home about 6:00a.m.  Not really needing much, I don't see the need to go that early.  Roy just enjoys the process of it I believe.  We meet for breakfast.  Cell phones are such a blessing to keep in touch as to where to meet and eat. 

My desired purchases this year are "maybe" some special piece of Fiestaware which I may not already have.  I also am seeking a donut pan to make baked donuts.  Well, this country girl could always use just one more pair of flannel pj's. As my Daisy Mae likes to lay next to me at night, she also likes the fleece ones, so I would settle for either.

Blessings to all for a safe and happy holiday.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Country Katie and Daisy Mae

My First Blog       11-23-13

Like all new things, you can fight or find  the challenge.   I put blogging on my list of things to learn and do when I quit my job, retired in 2011.  All my life I have not been a procrastinater, but with blogging, it seems I have.  I have checked them out and really thought I would do this, but today, now two years later, here I am.  Congratulations to me I think. 

What spurred me on is camping, or as I call it, glamping (glamour camping), which I started in August of 2013.  I want to join the sisterhood of glampers and I love the MaryJaneFarm Magazine.  I even desire to do the merit badges and progress with helping my 11 year old granddaughter do them also.

So this country women, wife, mother and grandmother, owner of  the most  wonderful rescue dog, Daisy Mae (a foxhound), but we won't tell her as  she  thinks she is a special "people", is now a blogger.  So blog me something.  I have many interests, including knitting, quilting, sewing, crocheting, reading, cooking (yes, yummy cooking and baking of breads), gardening, music, scrapbooking, plus family, church family, friends, and auction buddies.  I have a consignment booth of vintage things, enjoy photography, walking, biking and swiming.