Friday, July 20, 2018

Summer Time Eating

This season is always rewarding to me as far as growing things.  I have a plaque in my kitchen that is like a sprinkling can and it states,  "Those who Garden Grow".  It is so true.  Each year, even at age 70, it seems I learn something new, with my herbs, with tomatoes, corn, etc.  I may try something new...this year I have sweet corn that has black kernels.  I also did not grow potatoes but have a large pumpkin patch in that area.  My mini garden or salad garden is producing nice tomatoes and some cucumbers but my peppers have not even bloomed.  The plants look great but you can not eat them.  I wonder why and will then go on to another year and different pepper plants.  

Today I put two gallons of cut tomatoes in the freezer for winter use in chili, etc.  I also put four bags of corn in the freezer, not the black kernels, but other.  We eat lots of salads and berries when they are in season; having black berries, strawberries and black raspberries.  We also will be eating lots of pears, apples and peaches plus grapes later this season.  I make pear and apple sauces and jellies and jams.  All is fun and delicious and makes nice gifts.

Today after cleaning corn, I kept the husks and silk and it is drying on the floor of the garage on an old blanket.  I will make some corn husk dolls which I have not done for years.  Free gifts, with just the pleasure of making them.

Country life and summer eating and growing is enjoyable.

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