Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Learning Curve

It seems that lately everywhere I read or listen to news, I am hearing things about memory loss as one ages.  Well, we are all aging of course, but as I will soon be 66, and am so "thoroughly" enjoying my retirement, my thoughts, which I can still remember, are to keeping that learning curve going so that my memory stays as in tack as it can.  So this retired rural Missouri woman does many a thing to keep her brain alert.

After I retired, I decided to make a list of many things I wanted to do the first few years of retirement.  I pulled out that "glamping" journal and saw that I had accomplished them over the winter months when I could not go glamper camping.  However, as the weather starts to warm, I still have more and more plans to challenge myself with the learning curve. 

Some of the items I planned to do this past winter season were: 

Quilting, did a large French colors tied and hand quilted blocked pieced quilt which I will use in my camper.  I also purchased several quilts at auctions and fixed them, for use at home or in the camper. 

Sewing, did some messages bags and also sewed several different storage, lunch bags with ties.

Embroidery, finished my two pairs of pillowcases for the bed at home, plus on more glamping pillow case for the camper.  I also purchased a project to work on this summer while camping, in red work, a wall quilt.

Knitting, several pairs of socks for myself and some friends, 30 or more newborn hats for the hospital, and now plans for hats for the Native American Elders, a few sweaters for Congo project, and then some mittens for myself and family and friends.

Writing, did lots of journals, letters, cards, and yes, started my blog.

And to top it all off, I did, yes, I am still doing my auditing of two college classes as Hannibal LaGrange University.  I have been in the American Drama class, enjoying reading and discussing plays.  Then the other class is History of Slavery.  The topic is very interesting and discussion and reading good.  However, I have found that the professor is so very smart that sometimes he just gets lost and does not stay on track.  Well, that is part of the learning curve select and acknowlege what is working for me.

My husband and I also have been doing nightly games of Yahtzee.  It is good interaction and matching and math skills to help the brain. 

I have diagramed my veggie gardens and sorted heirloom seeds and planned to plant my hotbed soon.  Gardening is such a healthy activity for all ages.  Part of the fun in the winter is planning and plotting for the coming season, recalling all the wonderful produce that we used and shared.

Also, I stay active with family, church, community, my consignment booths, which also mean going to auctions, and now as weather permits soon, my dear foxhound, Daisy and I will head out to camp, or as we call it "glamping"....glamour camping.  I look forward to my teapots full of warm teas and sitting by the campfire, long walks with Daisy, and sitting and knitting, etc.  My Daisy just turned two this week, and she was so very excited when we moved the camper from its winter storage behind the shed to our side drive.  She knows what is ahead for us two friends.  I know many of my other family and friends will come out and have campfires with us.  Some may even spend a night with us. 

The college audit classes will end the end of April, and glamping will really start, plus my wonderful gardens will start also.  So this mind will continue to learn and be active.  And I will plan for more projects and classes to keep the "Learning Curve" for my old but not inactive mind working as well as it does....for many years LORD Willing.

Monday, March 10, 2014

SPRING LIKE Weather....yes, oh, yes

This winter seems to be coming to an end, and today was one nice day...almost 70 here in rural northeast Missouri.  I so enjoyed hearing the Redwing Blackbirds as Daisy Mae and I took, not just one, but two long walks.  And in between those two walks, I took my neighbor's dog home.  It seems Skip got away from them and they had not missed him yet.  My dogs were glad to see him, so they all played a bit, but then I leashed and walked him down the gravel road to his home.  Jonathon was just coming for him, so yelled "thanks" and I unleased Skip so he could head home.  Yes, here in my neck of the woods we even know our neighbor's dog's names.  I do feel for those that don't even know their neighbors.

Around the pond we saw a turtle sunning itself.  I know that even these hardshelled beasts must enjoy the warmth that was shining all over us today.  Our snow is gone accept in some of the ditches, but Daisy had to venture in those areas to see if she could sniff what had been there before we went that way.  She found rabbit, squirrel, deer and coyote tracks.  Of course, she also found Skip tracks, and looked longingly his way when we passed their house on our second walk. 

It is interesting to me how animals can become pals and enjoy each other.  It also makes me wonder why we cannot be more like animals in this area.  It seems that people like to complain, gripe, and be frustrated at their life and others lifes instead of enjoying each other.  I know on facebook that so many are negative about things.  But you are never going to have a positive day if all you are is negative.  I do believe it all starts with you.  My grandmother used to say, "You can get up and say , Thank  GOD for another day, or you can say, Oh, no, another day to work, etc."   These days we should be happy if we have a job and work.  Being retired, I still fill my days and work on my "to do" list.  By the way, my husband has one also which he works hard at finishing.  I am always there to add more, and he just laughs.  See, being positive can even make you laugh some. 

Tonight my dogs and I sat and watched our beautiful sunset.  There is so much to enjoy and one thing for sure to enjoy is that Spring is just around the corner.  I am ready....glamping will soon follow, and who cannot feel happy and positive about that.  I know Daisy Mae is and I am imagining that she will meet some other dog friends when she is glamping this season.