Monday, June 13, 2016

Beautiful Blooms:
 I have several colors of Hollyhocks and enjoy them.
 Prickly Pear has grown lots this year and has more blooms then I have every seen on one plant before.  Love the color.  The Yucca is such a soft yellow which makes it elegant I feel.


It is hot in my part of the world, so today, when it is again almost 100, with expected and needed rain, I spent much of the day inside putting things back together in rooms I painted yesterday and early morning....meaning 5:00.  I get up early with my dogs.  But it is fun to be out on the patio with the birds singing morning songs and the hummers starting to fly past me.  I also get to see many beautiful sunrises.    To follow was this mornings:

Saturday, June 11, 2016

WE ARE HAVING A "HEAT WAVE"....not tropical because I live in Missouri.

It is June 11, 2016, and it was 100 degrees here today.  I actually realized I was a bit too tired and too hot this afternoon when I sat down in my porch swing to read and I felt shakey and dizzy.  Certainly at this age, 68, I should know better.  I enjoy being outdoors, but today I just overdid it.

To begin with, I was up at 4:00 A.M. as my husband and  grown son were leaving for their three week road the west coast, down California shoreline, and then back on Route 66.  I know it is a trip in a life time for them both.  I, should have taken my own advise, and gotten my husband out the door, and laid back down with our four little dogs.  However, they laid all around me in my recliner and I sat and read, and then knit some also.  At 7:00, I decided to watch some news on television and by 8:00 I was done with that, so went about my plans.

This time Roy is gone, I had also planned a long list of things for myself at home.  I got a trash bag, and went from one room to another and then in the basement and also the garage, clearing out little stuff.  Now our house is a neat and clean house, not clutter, but my thought is there is always something you can get rid of and I did, from some paper, to some unwanted things, and even took my kettles out of the cabinets in the kitchen.  I wanted to get rid of the teflon and get a set with ceramic which are better for you to cook in.
I had my eye on some at Bergners.  

After I did all of that, I started to get ready to head to town for a prescription.  I then headed to a further town, about 45 minutes away and hit Lowes for paint for the kitchen/dining room.  This is another plan while Roy is gone, to paint these rooms and see how long it takes him to notice they are a different color.  I went to Lowes, then to Bergners for my kettles, and then hurried over to get a few things at Hobby Lobby, and a few groceries at HyVee and also lunch from their deli to eat on the way home.  My first thought was to spend the day in Quincy just browsing, but I was tired, hot, and ready to head home.

That was all well and good, but when I got home, and things settled, I went for a walk, played with the dogs some in the shaded backyard, went swimming and laid on my mat in the pool for some time.  The heat was getting to me and I came in and got my nightgown on and just sat down in the porch swing when it hit me.  This silly woman just overdid and the day has already been a long one.  It was good, but I am beginning to see that maybe there is something seriously wrong with me....I got up to Quincy and was already ready to go home.  I did what I needed to do, but hurried about so to get back home to my dogs and my home life.  I enjoy my country life so much, the slow speed, the hobbies, the quiet.  I had had two days of people and should have stayed home today.  Something wrong...well, I change my mind on that one.  I think it is okay to like being home and having a quiet life.  I am glad I got enough groceries and things to do at home for some time.....and I should not have to head out again until next Saturday....I plan to skip my knitting circle on Tuesday.  The hermit life overcomes me at times.  But today I was a "hot hermit" and have learned better.