Monday, July 23, 2018

Clothes On The Line

Each time I hang clothes on the line and see them blowing in the wind, softly, moving with the breeze, and in the process drying by wind power, I just sigh, not in tiredness or sadness.  I sigh because it just makes me happy to see clothing blowing on the line, not to mention how good they all smell when taken back in the house.  Summer time is different then fall or winter or spring.  Each season seems to have a different smell of clothes on the line, but this I know, it is such a blessing to just stand and watch them, while appreciating it all.

Gratitude for country life, country work, country doings, and country quietness.
Owls at night, and even coyote.  Morning starts with the birds waking and giving thanks.  Clouds in bright blue skies, my willows swaying with the breeze, and even now and then a frog talking from the pond.


Right now I appreciate the light blanket that was on the line.  I have it on my lap with my little dogs laying around me.  Summer clothes on the line smell which is so great.

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