Saturday, December 28, 2013

Time Between Christmas and New Year's Day

( I call it "The After Story before The New Beginning")

Our holidays here in rural Missouri were again blessed and wonderful and awesome and all those other great and easy words to say.  I do wonder how many people cannot apply those to their Christmas and even this after time.  It makes me sad to think that so many rush and fuss and just end up wishing it is all over.  Well, this blogging, glamping, rural grandma enjoys it all.  Yes, I get tired, and yes, sometimes I cook something that is just not as good as I was hoping, but I just don't seem to stress over it any longer.  Of couse, I plan for the after story and the new beginning also, which always mke the next Christmas season, or any special occassion better.

As I went into my study today to do some computer work, I opened the study's large double door closet.  The it should it is where I keep my gatherings of Christmas, birthday gifts and also cards.  Empty is a good feeling along with the thank you's and happy faces and greetings cards received from most that I sent them to.  That is part of the after story.  Getting phone calls from my grandson, who I sent home with lots of leftover food to share with his college roommates.  He was the hit of their little apartment dwelling and it also "saved" on grocery funds as this third year student well knows is important.  I also got thank you's from my daughter and my daughter in love, for the paintings I did for them this year, framed and a short note on the back.  They both said they were pleased to have memories of paintings, yes memories of places we had gone or things we had seen during the past year plus that I had taken the time to do a painting just for them.  Now these are ways I will refill my empty closet shelf, but not too fast.  I need some of this in between time to reflect on a theme and what I will purchase or most likely make for my special people this coming 2014. 

I need time to regroup, to reflect and to see where the year takes me....New Beginnings....a new year for all, and also a time to use to collect and reflect.  It is fun to see what I do with family during the year, and how I can entwine that into gifts which also lead to projects for me.  As I am an avid knitter, crochet, quilt, sew, cook, can, paint.....I have many an outlet to pull from.  And a big surprize for family may be that I have plans to take some pottery lessons from a friend after she gets her new studio set up.  I could keep it a secret and make some really funky stuff for them in 2014.  Or maybe, just maybe that idea may leave my closet shelf crying for "help".

So this country woman is spending her between time to reflect, to rest, to eat leftovers, and also to look ahead to walking my Daisy Dog more, working off all that holiday cooking (well, eating actually).  And my Daisy Dog does not mind going for those walks at all.  She did not like the ice which made the grass crunchy....but it did lend to great photos....another my glamping, gardening, and dog walks give me much in topics .  I enjoy making cards from them for gifts and also for family.  If I get one of very special meaning, then it becomes a painting.

New beginnings will lead my Daisy Mae and I down a full year, with reflection and down time, while we both take naps and dream of "glamping" days ahead.  While we walk, we always go past my dear camper, and I place my hand on it's side and say a kind hello, and say something like...."new beginnings will give us many happy glamping days".  If "Tikvah", little jewel in Yiddish, could speak back, I desire to think she would not, but would just "smile" because she is to bring more joy to this glamping grandma and her Daisy Mae (foxhound).

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The "Snow" Down

Long ago being raised in Wisconsin, I realized that one had to just keep on doing and going and being even if there is snow.  In Wisconsin, there is "really" snow compared to lots of other places.  I also lived in Colorado and had several blizzards that made Wisconsin look mild.  The thing with weather in Colorado is that it warms and the snow is gone.  Wisconsin has it all winter once it comes down.  Missouri, my country life now, has snow but not in the amounts they used to get according to people I talk with around here.  My thought is when they say that "we used to get snow up to my knees", well, maybe their knees were lower to the ground because they were younger.  Anyway, we have snow right now and it is so pretty, even if it is only 4 to 5 inches.  It is white, clean and shiney and makes our place look like a "winter wonderland". 

So this retired country girl does not hibernate.  I may stay in my pj's all day, but I still get outside.  You see I have some of those wonderful Carhart bib coveralls and neat matching rose color.  They are so nice and warm, easy to put on and out the door you go, even if you decide to wear your pj's all day (underneath the coveralls of course).  I can get out in that snow and be toasty warm.  I walk my Miss Daisy Mae, who does not like her new sweater.  She seems embarrassed to wear it, and was so much happier when I removed it.  She bounded out the door ready for a nice ramp in the snow.  She finds all the holes that animals have made walking or digging in the "cold stuff", and is funny about having to stick her nose in them, going down in the snow up to her ears.  She never seems to tire of sniffing out the days new smells.  Today we walked in a different area and she was so happy, she could hardly contain herself. 

It is winter, almost.  There is snow.  But country life is still amazing to me and I don't want to miss it by staying indoors.  I even bring the outdoors into my study room area by having bird feeders by both windows.  I have a bunch of little snowbirds that like to sit in the shrubs which are up next to the front windows.  They then hop onto the windowsill and, in tune with each other, pop their heads up to peer in the window at me.  I enjoy watching them, one at a time raising up and down, and then the next and the next.  Wildlife can be great entertainment if you take the time to enjoy it.  A nuthatch hung on the screen of the kitchen window while we had company.  You see, our company usually spends time around the kitchen table talking, having coffee, catching up.  Farmers like to stop and viist other farmers this time of year when they have time to do so....talking talking crops and plans for the next season.  They are thinking ahead past the cold and snow, talking seeds and fertilizer and equipment.  The little nuthatch seemed to be saying, "let me in, I know something about seeds also".  He was so pretty and we all stopped to check him out also.  Wildlife is good for the soul.

You can enjoy wildlife some in the cities, but not like living where we do.  It seems that we are all living closely together.  We feed the birds and they entertain us.  We feed the squirrels, and well, they sure do entertain the dogs.  We put our household food waste on a compost pile in the garden area, and wildlife of coyote, foxes, and maybe a cat or two get to search in it what they want.  The rabbits, deer and squirrels that leave those footprints and holes in the snow sure do entertain my Daisy Mae as we walk.  If she could, she would say thank you to them.  Actually her excited eyes tell so much.
Know that you are welcome to come for a walk with Daisy Mae and me anytime you are in the country area.  Who knows, country may get in your blood and you may be a new neighbor, well, just don't build "TOO" close. 

Always Right????

I note that some people seem to always need the last word, always need to be right, and always need to be in charge of the conversations.  Then I decided to check myself out, as if I am complaining, or just stating these things, then I don't want to be at fault for them also.  So in my days with my dogs, I did always have the last word, and I was in charge of the conversations, but I was not always right, and my Daisy Dog will "bark" to that one.  She seems to know best where to walk and what to look out for then I ever will.  She seems to also have some last words in my conversations with her.  What about you, if you have a dog that is?

But when it comes to people, oh, to comment on a post on facebook when you know you are right, and someone comes back with a harsh NO!!!! and corrects you, makes me think again about answering them ever.  But really is that the way to go.  I had to be "taken aback" for a bit.  That is an old country turn  of words I think.  Anyway, don't respond back and say "NO" it is not, please, please, please.  After thinking about it and what I had been pondering about people, their temperments, etc, I decided to respond to her with, oh, okay, but we know that he is dead and gone to heaven.  I am hoping that is the "last word" in this issue, but maybe she will argue about him going to heaven!  Anyway, I decided I did not need to take charge of this conversation any more, and I did not need the last word, as she already posted something else, so she can have the last word if it is important to her!  

My last name is Wright, but I tell people that I know I am not always right.  Some people say, "wow, someone who admits they are not always right".  It really is freeing to do this and live this way.  I also like just sitting and not talking at all.  I learned long ago as a counselor/therapist, that to listen is a good quality.  You learn so much when you do, so I don't need to always be the one talking.  With my husband, I often start conversations, as he is not a great talker, but we can sit in our wonderful country home and talk most of the evening and drink coffee or wine, with our dogs laying around us.  You get that man started talking about something he likes and it makes for a great evening at home. 

All this said (well, typed) and I have my answer.  There are people who don't need to have the last word (me), and people who admit they are not always right (me), and people who don't always have to control the conversation (me).  Then again, I am having the last words in this post, and I think I am right, and I am in control of this conversation.  Actually maybe I like to blog because I am in control of this conversation.....oh, my!!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Did you ever consider why you like your dogs (cats, rats, etc.) so much?  I sometimes wonder how I feel about people at times, but I know how I feel about my dogs, all of them.  I have five,  four doxies, and then my wonderful Daisy Mae, a foxhound.  I have always felt close to all my animals, horses and goats included, but my dogs have always had that softest spot in my heart.  I have had doxies most of my life, starting with Heidi, a wonderful black and tan.  So when I was able to get another dog and went to purchase a black female scotty, I was not surprised at myself for coming home with a male black and tan doxie that I had already decided to name Hans Peter, calling him Petie.  I must say my husband was a little surpised when he saw him, and said, "He sure does not look like a scotty and is not even a female!"  My husband has always been very preceptive about things.

My Petie dog has brought out such silliness from me.  I have put up with lots of bad behaviors, bad health, and issues with bad attitudes at times also.  He is now 15 years old, so yes, I have put up with it, and still hug him and call him my "sweety", and tell him how much I love him.  I admit I have my times when I long can "you" live, and well, it is more then 15 as he turned 15 on December 6. I have grown so close to Petie that at times I actually call him by the wrong name.  It is not sweety, etc., but I call him, and even yell at him by the name "Brook", my son's name.  Now I wonder, is it because of the love of my first born child, or did I have to call Brook one time to many when he was growing up, or yell at him too often.  My son, now 45, does get a kick out of me calling Petie Brook, but not when I am yelling at him for "pottying" on the floor.  Really, I must watch what I am saying.  I say, I have gotten beyong silly with my dogs.

Then we got Chloe, who we lost to cancer last year at age 12.  She was such a sweet and little girl.  She played so much with Petie and with our two oldest grandchildren who lived with us at the time.  Now that explains it for me, as with Chloe, as with Petie, I started calling her a family name of a "family people" and it was Gywn, my oldes granddaughter.  Again, did I have to yell or call Gwyn too much.

I really don't think I can blame my family on my "name calling"  I love family and love my dog family.  It seems that sometimes personalities of people and animals mesh.  I am thinking I need to be careful who I call what these days.  I don't want to hurt feelings.  I have many special grandchildren and grown children.  Are they jealous they don't get put in the "dog address" by this silly smitten dog lover.  I hope not. 

Now my Daisy Mae, foxhound, I have yet to call by any family people name.  I call her Daisy Mae or Daisy Dog, or sweety, or my baby.  In fact, my husband just got me a nice warm sweatshirt with dog prints and "My Baby Has Four Legs" written on it.  Now I like the saying as she is my baby, but the dog prints we could have furnished ourselves.  I think my husband understands how this affection goes at our house.  I love them all, but do adore and am smitten by my dogs, who don't agrue back, are always happy to see me and don't even care if I get out of my pjs. or not. 

I admit that I am one country lady who is hoping as I grow older, I don't start calling my people by my dogs names.....I can just see my daughter Leslie's face if I call her Daisy, as she is the one who wanted me to name my dear dog Daisy Mae and I did.  If I do, Leslie, please know it is a very nice compliment.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

 The Cold Has Hit:

 This a.m. in rural Missouri it was 13 but with wind chill it was -3.  Wow, am I ready for this.  My answer is yes, I may not like it, but cannot do anything about it, but accept it and dress and do accordingly.  So on with the lined bibs and heavy CarHart jacket with hood to go out for my daily walk with my foxhound.  I am thankful she keeps me going out for fresh air and exercise.  She also is a great companion and friend.  My Daisy Mae was so proud when I told her that the foxhound named Jewel had won best in show at Westminster this year.  I say it is about time.  These hound dogs are great animals. 

After our walk, we were both glad to be indoors again.  I have my quilt all ironed and ready to be laid together.  I also am working on a pair of socks so sit and do some knitting with my morning watch of the news and sometimes my evening watch of "if there is something worth watching" on televison.  I also am decorating my "Farmgirl/sisterhood denium jacket.  As a member of MaryJanesFarmgirl sisterhood, I have been enjoying checking out the merit badge booklet, reading her magazine and things she sends online.  I also am happily playing with the decorating of my dark denium jacket with my membership badge, and some buttons and red, my favorite color, rick rack.

Oh, I also took time this cold day to clean out my project closet and set some scrapbook things aside to sell at my consignment booth at VeraBelle's soaps and consignment vintage shop in Hannibal, MO.  I have enjoyed having this booth for a few months now.  It pays for itself and gives a little income, which I decided I would stuff away for a special outing of camping with some of the girls or going on a women's retreat somewhere.  With so many projects I have to do, I decided I would not continue to scrapbook.  I enjoy my "glamping" and photos but went back to placing them in nice photo albums.  They are easier to haul with me to show off my "style" of camping to friends.  And when I am camping, I do take them along and look at them myself to remember fond things from weeks before of camping. 

This cold day in Missouri, I have scrubbed my dining/kitchen floor and moved the table in front of the windows.  My Daisy actually climbs up on it and lays down to look outside.  Nothing like large dog prints on my wooden table....but they do wipe off.  It is her house too you know.

So I am off now to get a ham ready to put in the oven with homegrown sweet potatoes and later some raised rolls...yummy dinner for Roy and I.  And then we will head out in the cold, but in our truck, to a great sale this evening at Farm and of our favorite stores. 

Friday, December 6, 2013


My visit this past week to our local quilt shop, Hickory Stick, in Hannibal, Missouri (one of the top ten in the nation says Quilter's magazine), is always a fun time.  I have come to know the women, besides enjoy all the fine quality "stuff" they have for us quilters.  But as I am also a "glamping" person (glamour camping), I have been looking for things that would go into my camper to make it fit that bill more.  I spotted a nice pillow made up by staff, with the design for sale below.  It has a wonderful lady riding a bike, hat on, hair blowing, and just fun.  Talking with one of the staff about getting this piece to embroider and finding just the right fabric to embroider it on, brought me to talking to the designer, another staff person.  I was so "inspired" to do this pillow, not chosing the fabric for sewing it up yet as I have much embroider to do, but that I could add this to my "glamping", that when I told the designer how "inspiring" this project was to me, she, in turn, told me that she was "inspired" to design it because of her camping experience in Oklahoma this summer.  She and her husband were camping and met up with a large group of "glampers" and she,being a designer, quilter, and all around neat lady, enjoyed seeing them, their campers, and all the fun they were having.  She said, that she now as again "inspired" because she met an actually "glamper" right here in Hannibal area.  She even asked me to bring my pillow in when I finish it something this winter.  It is so nice to have this shop close, but even greater to see how the circle of inspiration goes around in our "woman's world" of fun and fellowship.  Maybe I can even get her to come visit me or camp with me some time this next seaso.  Who knows, all this "inspiration" may have created a "glamping" buddy.

Colder Weather....

Today, December 6, as I walked my Daisy Mae, I was dressed for the weather, as I checked the themometer before heading out.  I knew it was going down in numbers but I did not expect the bite of the wind that I got.  Daisy and I enjoyed our walk, just the same.  She runs and jumps in the tall grasses and finds new smells to sniff out each and everyday, even if we go along the same pathways.  But today we headed down a side road going back to farm fields.  It was cold, quiet, and peaceful.  Daisy enjoyed these new smells also, chasing up a few quail along the way.  We say a wonderful tree that a woodpecker had been working on.  This dear bird must be a real romantic, as the hole pecked out was in a perfect "heart" shape.  Okay, maybe the dear bird was just pecking and I am the "real romantic".

Cold weather is surely not my enemy.  I just dress warmer and go anyway.  I suppose being raised in Wisconsin helped me learn fast that if I wanted an outdoors life in the many long winters in Wisconsin, I had to dress warm and just delve into the experience.  Here in Missouri I don't ice skate, ski, snow mobile, sled, or ice fish (really did not do that anyway, just went with my dad so I could skate on the lake).  You can still go out and enjoy fresh air, cool breeze, nature, and maybe it will snow later today and in that case, Daisy and I will head out for another walk, because there is just something peaceful about walking among the falling snowflakes....each one so unique just like each of us.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday in the Country

Yes, even in rural Missouri, we are not out of the loop and I so enjoy being online to do some shopping.  I especially enjoy Amazon and then Knit Picks for yarn and needles.  Oh, it is fun to join in with the rest of the world doing Cyber Monday stuff.  Just as my husband, Roy and I do the Black Friday shopping, usually with my son, Brook and this year his youngest, Alorah, age 11, went along.  I have some fun memories and great stories about shopping on BF.  That usually is something you miss with cyber shopping.  All the same, I enjoy being "in the loop" and connected with others on these special shopping days.  Of course, I could say that I don't hold to only shopping on those days, as I enjoy the online shopping more and more as I have retired.  It is one more way to stay home more and enjoy what GOD has blessed me with, a nice home, acres of land to walk on, health, family, dogs, and many interesting hobbies and work to do at home.  Retired does not mean that I just sit around and do nothing.  Even cyber shopping is "something", right!

Before my cyber shopping, I of course had breakfast, coffee, and time to knit while watching the news.  Then I got going on a bit of chores, cleaning out my closet and bagging up nice useable things for our "blessing closet" at church which will be the same day as our food pantry.  We usually have about 120 families served each month.  This month there will also be clothes and toys besides the food, thus, the Blessing Closet.  I was glad to get things moved out of my closet also.  As I am retired now, I just don't need as many clothes or the kinds of clothing I had in there.  I replaced some of my give aways already on Black Friday with another nice pair of flannel lined blue jeans by Carhart, and also a nice rose colored jacket (with hood) and some matching bibs, both insulated (lined) to serve my outdoor times more.  I have my homeknit alpaca mittens and hat and scarf to go with to keep me warm.

Now that I have finished cyber shopping and other computer stuff, I am headed to get ready for my monthly book discussion group at our local library.  I enjoy the women and also the reads, and get a few errands done when heading to town.  Who knows, I may decide that I am not done with this Cyber Monday stuff, and come home to do more shopping.  I so appreciate technology, and I don't have to have the crowds of chosen crowd is a lap full of doxies, three right now and one by my feet and my dear Daisy Mae (foxhound) in the oversized chair next to me.  Usually they are not a demanding and pushy as holiday shopping crowds.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Country Days Before Thanksgiving

In rural Missouri today, it is quite cold for this time of year, but the sun warms one's heart when they are outdoors walking with Ms. Daisy.  She has a large fenced backyard and can entertain herself in it with her four doxie friends whenever they like, as there is a nice large dog door to this area from our dining room door.  Ms. Daisy stilll  enjoys walking on a lead several times a day, as she finds a new adventure, even in the same areas everyday, because maybe a squirrel or rabbit passed that way.  The walks are good for me also. The fresh air and exercise is always a plus so I can get on with my full days as a country woman, even retired, but with plenty to do.

Today, getting ready for the Thanksgiving family holiday time together, I did lots of cleaning.  I scrubbed hardwood floors on my hands and knees, washing with bleach water and then wiping dry with a towel.  They get so nice and shiney.  I also like the clean smell.  I also washed all the bedding, as we are having one granddaughter for overnight company.  My daughter may decide to stay overnight also and go Black Friday shopping with us.  Roy, my husband, just loves the bargains, but mostly likes to people watch with me.  Then we go for breakfast after we have had our fill of it all.

Tomorrow is my pie making day.  I will bake a pecan and also a pumpkin, but one I really like making is a sweet potato like my Grandma Schabell used to make.  We grow our sweet potatoes and had a wonderful harvest this year.  So I will have to cook and mash them before making the pie.  As my granddaughter is coming tonight, she will be able to help me with all of this.  My pie crusts are a recipe of Ina Garten's (barefoot contessa).  The crust is made in a food processor with butter, flour, shortening and a little sugar, salt and water.  It rolls out well and tastes so buttery.  It is the best pie crust recipe I have ever used.  Well, it seems I did not use a recipe for years, but somehow I have lost my touch, and the crusts were not turning out well.  So this recipe is wonderful and always turns out great. 

I also will start the unthawing process of our 23 pound turkey.  Yes, 23 pounds....and it is because we just love to send some home with family plus have plenty of leftovers.  I can feast on leftovers from Thanksgiving for days and day, and, in fact, we usually do.

We will walk off some of the pounds as we shop and gad about on Black Friday.  I don't do the 3:00a.m. thing but Roy does, so I   amble to town, which would be Hannibal, and then to Quincy, Illinois, leaving home about 6:00a.m.  Not really needing much, I don't see the need to go that early.  Roy just enjoys the process of it I believe.  We meet for breakfast.  Cell phones are such a blessing to keep in touch as to where to meet and eat. 

My desired purchases this year are "maybe" some special piece of Fiestaware which I may not already have.  I also am seeking a donut pan to make baked donuts.  Well, this country girl could always use just one more pair of flannel pj's. As my Daisy Mae likes to lay next to me at night, she also likes the fleece ones, so I would settle for either.

Blessings to all for a safe and happy holiday.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Country Katie and Daisy Mae

My First Blog       11-23-13

Like all new things, you can fight or find  the challenge.   I put blogging on my list of things to learn and do when I quit my job, retired in 2011.  All my life I have not been a procrastinater, but with blogging, it seems I have.  I have checked them out and really thought I would do this, but today, now two years later, here I am.  Congratulations to me I think. 

What spurred me on is camping, or as I call it, glamping (glamour camping), which I started in August of 2013.  I want to join the sisterhood of glampers and I love the MaryJaneFarm Magazine.  I even desire to do the merit badges and progress with helping my 11 year old granddaughter do them also.

So this country women, wife, mother and grandmother, owner of  the most  wonderful rescue dog, Daisy Mae (a foxhound), but we won't tell her as  she  thinks she is a special "people", is now a blogger.  So blog me something.  I have many interests, including knitting, quilting, sewing, crocheting, reading, cooking (yes, yummy cooking and baking of breads), gardening, music, scrapbooking, plus family, church family, friends, and auction buddies.  I have a consignment booth of vintage things, enjoy photography, walking, biking and swiming.