Tuesday, February 20, 2018


After I had to say goodbye to my dear Daisy Mae Foxhound in 2015, my heart was broken.  Life does go on, and one heals.  I still miss her sweet smiling eyes.  Friends that run the Humane Society in my area were wonderful.  They rescued a little special dog, yorkie mix and nursed him to health and well being.  Then Kirk intruded me to him, telling me that he would steal my heart.  I, of course, said no, but just looked at him.  The next time I went, I said I would hold him.  The next time, just a few days later, I held him again and watched him play a little with other dogs.  Then I told Kirk that he was right, this little tough guy was stealing my heart, and mending it also.  I adopted him or as they say, rescued him.  He actually rescued me.  As he sleeps next to me on the couch tonight, I could not love him any more, and I admire him also.  He is 2.5 years old now.  Such a wonderful dog.  He needed playmates so we adopted a little Italian Greyhound which we named Mr. Molesley, and later Vincent vG from a person who could not deal with a 4 month old maltese puppy.  My three country dogs are little, and busy and strong and healthy and happy.  I have been rescued times three and am grateful.
 My sweet sweet sweet Hemingway, yes named after Ernest.
 Mr. Molesley, small and fragile, named after character on Downton Abbey.
Little Vincent vG named after Vincent van Gogh.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Fire in the country can be a game changer for any family.  We rely on help from neighbors and ourselves until the rural volunteer department arrives.  A few weeks ago our neighbor down the road pulled in the driveway, and got out of her van, shaking.  I thought, "Oh, Michelle needs my help", ad raced out the door to help her when she said there was a fire coming our way FAST.  As I looked down the road past our pond and fence row area of wooded area, the fire was part way across the field and high flames, moving fast due to the windy day.  Roy, my husband, got one hose connected from the back of the house and I did the other, then he finished as I made sure the dogs were in the house so if I had to grab them and leave they were handy.  We watched as the flames grew higher and faster coming our way.  It got to the fence row of trees on our land and into the woods a ways also.  But our volunteer fire department got there and pushed it back and then put it out, working fast and hard.  They said it sure could have been bad, but they got there in time, but after two other fires in the last 20 minutes.  The deputy said they were thinking someone was setting fires of long grass fields so they would catch and move fast, maybe causing people's houses harm because there were several fires.  Thanks to the little towns all having a volunteer department, and then helping each other also, all fires were put out.  I do not begin to understand someone who does things like this.  I do understand my neighbor coming fast to tell me, and the volunteers coming as fast as they can also.

Fire is scary in any housing situation, but on a windy day, moving fast, it was very scary.  Country life is wonderful and even when fire comes and it takes some time for help, it is good.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Purses and other objects......

Today while shopping (looking), I spied a nice leather purse and could not help but have to touch it.  I like leather and I like wood, and it seems I often have to feel these things.  However, this purse, an expensive brand, was way to expensive for what I would pay...almost $400.00, but it was a ...... says the clerk.  She was very nice and proceeded to tell me that if I purchased the purse I could then purchase a matching wallet for 50% off so it would only be $100.00 today for the wallet.  What a deal!  But then she was a good sales clerk and told me that she purchased her first ......purse last week and every time she looks at it, it makes her smile.   I should not have, but I could not seem to help myself.....I said, "Well, I have three little dogs at home that make me smile and laugh and hug many times everyday."  She did not make a sale, and I smiles as I thought of my dogs and went home, holding on to my $29.00 purse from T. J. Max and my wallet, well, I got it online from Wish.com. for $1.00 and shipping.   Plus in that wallet was money not spent and also credit card not used for an object that, I am glad made this woman smile, but I think it would make me cry when I thought what I spent on it.  So glad I have my little dogs, because they are surrounding me right now as I type and I am smiling.

Friday, February 16, 2018

A New Day, again

As life takes over at times in my life, as it does yours I am sure, I regret not keeping up with my blog.  I know I can do better and will say again that I am going to try.  

Since my last post so much as gone one, sickness for both my husband and it, and he even being in the hospital.  Then I was diagnosed with skin cancer, beta cell carcanomia which is the best one to get because of it's treatment success.  As I still am recovering with the scar tissue and some stitches still in my eye area, I am grateful for the cancer being gone and a clear bill of health after a total body check just the other day.  Our medical advances for so many diseases and sicknesses continues to amaze me.  I am hoping that we can continue to have funding and strive toward even better.

When one has cancer, and I have had it twice now, breast and now skin cancer, it causes, at least speaking for myself, me to reflect on things in my life.  I often find myself looking at years past and hears ahead which are much less as I turn 70 in April.  I have so much to still do and challenge myself to do and improve in so many areas.  I some days am tired and (take a nap), but go forward.  I am still learning FRENCH with Rosetta Stone, I read more all the time, I knit and try new patterns.  I bake and cook new things.  And I always am thinking and planning short and longer trips.  My newest thing is to go back to the YMCA.  I have belonged to it several times in several places I have lived, and always enjoy the swimming laps, and yoga.  This time around, I was able to have six weeks of two times a week with a personal trainer and learning to think about activity level, health, diet, etc. which I have addressed during my life.  For 70, I am strong.  But I have been introduced to the Wellness Center with all the different equipment and machines.  They are interesting and a great challenge.  With my FITBIT and a plan, I have to say I am enjoying my workouts and go three to four times a week for a couple of hours each time.  I also have started BARRE classes, which include yoga and ballet exercises.  It is fun, and challenging, and works up a sweat, but you come away feeling relaxed, well-worked, and limber.  I also admit I feel a bit like an older form of a ballet student.  Just simple fun.  

My encouragement to you is that you also have a new day and a new beginning , again.  After all, each day given us is a new start.   You can start tomorrow, or the next day.   Just get up and enjoy.

Friday, August 18, 2017


Yes, again guilty of slipping with my emails and my pinterest and blogging.  I do better with my snail mail to people as I send out postcards and notes about places I have been.  And facebook is a daily thing as is my yoga and meditations and devotions plus knitting.  Oh, put my wanderings and gardening and dogs and many other things I keep going with....taking care to get in walking, swimming and canning some during this season and it seems, may I use these excuses....guilty again of lapsing on what I always say is good for me to do.

My thoughts have been taken aback with all the political things and hatred things going on in our country also.  As I am a northern person who is dislocated I believe to the south, I do find going to town and seeing many confederate flags a bother to me.  I love my country and these things make me sad.  So I pray, I voice my opinion kindly and listen to the other side, but will never understand why people hate and want to go backwards.  Troubling because it has hit my family and some friends, who have actually decided to not be my friends any longer because I don't agree with them.

I revert back to my home, my dogs and my hobbies which I am so blessed to have.  I paint lovely pictures of birds and do photography of blessed sunrises and sunsets as our world turns each day to give me joy...in hummingbirds, leaves of trees, blooms of flowers, and ripe tomatoes.  My part of the world is good and I desire that for others.

A reprieve is to head to my home state more often and just chill out, enjoy and breath the air, visit the waters and beaches and forests and art people and authors and musicians I have come to know and enjoy.  Climb a well known childhood and adult mountain I relish good memories of.

Life goes past all of this and I wish that some would see that their daily lives need some reprieve as they fight the bigger picture but it can not be all about what they call the bigger picture.  Actually for me the bigger picture are the hummingbirds, the leaves of trees, the blooms of flowers, and ripe tomatoes and never leaving out my three special little guys.....Hemingway (yorkie), Vincent (maltese), and Mr. Molesley (Italian Greyhound).  I am blessed.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

                           WHAT  HAT  TODAY?

Do you every ask yourself, "What Hat Today?"   Many people wear too many hats, or jobs or titles and that is what they mean when asked or asking this.For me, this country woman who is also retired, when I think of this question it is because I have gone out in the garage to get things to work in the yard.  I think, hat, yes, to protect from the sun rays going too much on my face and head.  My pile sits on top of the dog food container.  Not very glamorous but it works fo me.

Hats are practical but also fun so I try to combine the two.  My newest purchase as a tan light weight cloth hat that you can actually roll up, put in a suitcase or pocket and still comes out great.  Good for yard work but also for going "gadding" about.  It looks nice and is new and washable...a steal of a price from Scheels in Springfield, Illinois. 

I have several red or reddish hats because that is my favorite color.  One is canvas like material and wears well.  I used it lots when glamping and still do.  It is my go to hat for planting.  My granddaughter remembers the story i told her so many years ago about having to wear my growing hat when planting because it made the plants and seeds grow.  Well, this an a larger straw hat I have are the ones I wore and still do wear for garden work.

A straw material cowboy hat with leather draw string is handy on windy days so it is my go to hat on those days.  I like it for berry picking as it stay put and also can be taken off and hung down my back if I want to go without it in the breeze of the day.  I also did wear it often when horseback riding many years ago.  It is an old hat now.

My glamping and also steampunk style hat was a felt hat with a large red antiquey type flower and leaves on one side.  I passed it on to my friend, Hilly, who always has a knit sock booth at the steampunk festivals in Hannibal and always always liked my hat.  Because of that another friend wanted to help me out by giving me a hat of hers.  After all I had given one away and certainly was in need of another.  Not really, but it is red, straw, larger and has a veil...not really my "cup of tea", but she really wasn't my cup of tea as a friend either.  Always toxic.  I have the hat and will pass it on to someone else that really likes it.  So far the only person in my family  that thinks it is nice is my son, and he won't wear it.

Neighbors from South Africa said they would bring me back a hat like the new one I just purchased, but it will be reversible and made from fabric which is special to South Africa.  I have a little zip bag with this fabric from a year ago which they gave me.  So I will look forward to this new hat.

All my hats get used while I work around my country place and even sometimes when I go out and about.  I took my newest hat with me to latest Chicago trip and while there, yes, purchased another hat, but it is a winter grey felt hat with a black leather band around.  Very nice hat and more dressy.  
Hats are fun and fancy and frivolous, but can be practical also.  Some people tell me that they just "can't wear a hat", or they don't look good in a hat.  Silly people.  Who cares what others thing.  Get one, put it on at home and wear it around to get comfy with it.  Go outside and then go to town. Heaven's we glamping girls even wear aprons to town sometimes.  It is okay.  
So I tip my hat to you and tell you "Top of the Morning" as I get off and put my hat on and head to water my potato patch.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Aprons of every size and style and color hang on a large hook in my kitchen pantry.  Why you may say?   I do use them, but I also have collected them through the years, making many and some as gifts for purchases.  I even have one from my Grandma Clara.  It is the last one she sewed before she could not longer sew due to her cancer before she passed away at 84.

Grandma Clara's apron is a dark flower print with bias tape for edging.  It has pockets, and in the one pocket was, as typically her mantra, a swatch of the apron fabric.  Just in case you got a hole or a tear, you had something to patch it with.   She did live through two world wars and also the depression, so frugal thoughts came natural to her.  My aunt gave me the apron as she thought I would hang it up in my kitchen and never use it.  Hardly, Grandma was frugal and she made this apron for someone to use, even if she never was able to.  I am glad it came my way, as I have used it plenty of times and it thin now with years of use, but still a treasure.  It was 1988 when it came my way.

Other aprons may be from trips, like some from FRANCE.  A glamping friend even sent me one from FRANCE for Christmas this past year.  Another is South African as my neighboring farm lady is from this pretty country, resettling her due to dangers of being a white farmer in this dangerous country.  Many are sewn by me with love, interest in the fabric, or for special reasons.

I made some aprons of floral prints for a group of ladies at a country church I attended years back.  We were having a ladies luncheon at one of our homes and my thought was that the ladies who were in charge would look "spiffy" with matching aprons.  Years later one of these ladies, who has now retired to town saw me at a yard sale and said that she still has the apron I had made.

At one point I took my aprons and stitched loosely a fold to make a sleeve so I could slide them onto curtain rods and made , repurposed, them for cafe curtains in the dining room.  As I generally like my windows free of things blocking the outdoors I soon changed this to just two longer aprons hanging on each side of the top window rod with tea cups nicely hanging from the shelf bottom.  It looked very interesting and I liked the compliments it brought also.

There were special aprons I used while I did glamping camping.  People would comment that I used aprons.  To this day I use aprons when I am cooking and baking, which is daily.  My neighbor wears them also and it gives me a since of joy that a younger person likes aprons.

A few years ago when my youngest granddaughter was learning to sew for homeschool projects, her mother invited me over for a day of apron making.  I wore my newest apron which is sewn from fabric that has....wait.....aprons on it....black backing with red and white and black spotted and floral aprons.  I like the pattern as it has to arm holes and fits over the shoulders more like a smock worn by children for painting.  It also ties in the back.   The day was fun and Alorah made a really cute apron with fabric print of donuts.  Never did learn if she wears it when she cooks or bakes.  She is 15 and may someday look back and really treasure it.  I treasure the day we had together.

So with my typing on this blog done for today, I think I will put on my new bright yellow daisy print apron and make some lunch.  It is a cheery print and the daisies remind me of my Daisy Mae Foxhound who was my glamping friend, my best friend, and no longer is with us.  Lots of great memories, even a apron.