Friday, May 29, 2015

Something Special About Country Living

Yes, I enjoy this country living.  Not everyone can go out and clean their "glamper" in their nightgown because they also need to brush their foxhound before getting themselves dressed.  Then I did get dressed, hung out some rugs on my wonderful clothes line.  They are all nice and clean for my next camping trip, which is next week actually.  After that I headed out to hoe my potato patch in my nice cool denim sundress and barefoot.  Looking a little like a hick to some, but so very comfortable.  Besides, I really did look pretty classy as I had on earrings and a necklace and a nice hairstyle.  My patch is behind the shed with some trees around so stays wet longer then the large garden which is in the sun.  With the rain we have had recently, my patch really did need some hoeing to get weeds and grass out and more hilling to the lovely plants.  I do think potato plants have such a nice deep green color.  

After all that I took in a nice swim, in our pool, no, just because I am country, does not mean I swim in our fish pond or a river near to us or even a creek.  I must say that when Daisy Mae Foxhound and I head over to the farm 1/2 mile away, we do enjoy wading in the creek.  Actually I enjoy it more then she does.  She usually tries to stay on the rocks.
She seems to be somewhat of an elegant hound.  

Besides those things, I was able to do a little knitting this early morning and watch the news, drink some coffee and enjoy the start of the day.  I was also able to finish my embroidery sampler which I did as a pillow top and which I also designed and did for one of the embroidery badges for Mary Jane Farm Sisterhood badges.  That was done several different sittings in the afternoon while my Daisy Mae napped next to me in our oversized recliner.  I did purchase an oversized recliner so we could be together and comfy when she turned one she is three.  After all of that I headed to my sewing table and did some piecing of strips of my brick pattern quilt.  I have 10 of the 20 strips put together and it is looking so nice....all floral prints.  I will do the backing with a nice soft green piece with gardening tools and small flowers on.  My dear daughter in love purchased 4 yards of this at a thrift store in our local area for only $1.00.  You just can't do better then that.  

Productive, quiet, calm, peaceful, happy, creative day in my little part of the world.  Trusting you had a good one also.  It is soon to be June.  Enjoy.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Second Glamping Trip of the 2015 Season

Glamping time for Daisy Mae Foxhound and I was wonderful.  It was during the week for three nights, four days, and we were one of two sites filled.  Of course, with the holiday weekend, things were booked up.  I am blessed to be retired and go camping during the week, so I was there Sunday afternoon after church until Wednesday at about 2:00.  You have to clear the site by 4:00, but I am not a "last minute" person, and besides, it had started to rain some.

Daisy Mae and I had a wonderful time of walking and resting, and campfires.  On Monday night my husband, son and his family came out for a hotdog roast and smores.  We had such a great time.  We then walked to the camp pond and watched the sunset, only after taking turns rolling log style down the pond bank.  It is great fun, and this old farmgirl can still keep up with the best and youngest of them.  In fact, some of the middle agers won't even try it.  I keep telling them that they sure do miss out on lots of life by thinking they are too old or too dignified or just too something.  Live it up is what I say.  It sure does make me smile to take a roll or two down the pond bank.

My friend Becky, who walks the campgrounds with her little dog daily, stopped to visit us two different times.  We then walked our precious dogs together.  I so enjoy walking my Daisy Mae Foxhound and will share some of the time with a good camper walker friend and her dog.  She even asked when I would be back out, and I told her May 31 for three nights and four days.  She said she would look forward to sitting a bit and having some morning coffee.  

One late afternoon just as I was about to light our nightly campfire, getting the coals down so I could make a meal, I heard this terrific cries of some birds that I know I have heard before.  Shortly after this, two pileated woodpeckers eye-balled me as they flew right over my head and then the camper.  I jumped into the camper to get my camera, thinking maybe they would turn back or stop on a tree.  I was blessed to have one do just that and I got a nice shot.  You are blessed to hear them, and see them at a distance, but so close and right over me.  I felt honored.

During my glamping time I did lots of eating, sleeping, walking, but also lots of reading, knitting, some embroider of badges onto my denim jacket, and I did two oil paintings.  It was a good time to have a short respite from my farm woman country life, and enjoy the outdoors in a different way then I do at home.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Yes, and yeah, and yippy.  I am mostly packed and ready to head off after church tomorrow to my second "glamping" days.  I try to go every few weeks, and I go close enough to home that I can do this easily.  I also go "glamping" which, as most of you know is glamour camping.  My camper is a 1995 so is not a vintage and this seems to mean I cannot camp with the MaryJane Farm glampers, but it is okay, as I have my camper decorated as I like, and I enjoy my time with my Daisy Mae Foxhound.  

My camper is 23 feet long.  As you enter, you go to the left and I have a nice bathroom with a two door closet, a stole, sink and medicine cabinet, and a tub/shower.  I like this as then I do not have to go out in the middle of the night or the rain.  I think it is a great safety feature for me.

When you first walk into the camper, you enter the kitchen where I have plenty of cabinets, a double sink, a three burner stove and oven, and a refrigerator and top separate door freezer.  After this you go into a couch and table benches area with cabinets above and storage under.  The couch makes into a bed, single size and over the table you can have another bed fold out if you want.  I don't even have a foam mattress in that area but use the area for storage cabinets for towels and games and candles, etc.  I really don't have too many people stay over and have even had my husband fix the table more secure to the wall, so it does not come down and make into a bed either.  If it did, it would be a double bed.  so I could actually sleep six people because.....after this living area, I actually have a separate bedroom with a folding closing door, which I don't ever close as my Daisy Dog and I are the only ones there.  It has a full size bed, which is always up, and I like this as I would not enjoy having to take down the table to go to bed each night.  I do enjoy my afternoon naps or just laying down and reading on the "already up" bed.  I have shelves for books and another large shelve unit for "stuff".  There is also a nice size closet in this bedroom.  

So you can see I am set when I go "glamping".  I have old wicker chairs painted white for sitting outside, plus a nice old lounge chair for Daisy Mae Foxhound.  I have a round wooden table and two chairs that I place under the canopy of the camper.  I decorate all with lace, quilts, teapots and cups, lanterns, and baskets.  Inside I also use teacups, placemats with lace and crocheting.  I have embroidered dish towels and crocheted potholders and dish clothes.  I also have doilies on the shelves hanging down so you can see all the pretty work.  I use cloth napkins, and handmade aprons.  Even some of my bath towels have embroider and crocheting on them. I use china plates and glassware and specially nice utensils and pots and pans.  I do use my cast iron on the fire outside, but always make things look "vintage" and keep to the glamour camping.

During my time camping, when Daisy Mae and I are not walking and taking photos and just enjoying nature, I am knitting, writing, reading, painting, and quilting.  I don't take a computer and have gone back to my flip phone as it gets better reception then my smart phone did, and thus I don't have the internet.  I almost always hope people don't call me, and I often just make arrangements for some people to come out one of the three nights I am camping, for dinner, but not to stay over.

I have had my grandson go camping with me twice in three years and my granddaughter has also gone twice.  I am okay with this as I call it "making memories", but I never invite them for more then one night, and I don't invite just anyone  to show up.  This is my time with my Daisy and my GOD and I want it that way.
I worked hard in difficult jobs for many years and helped and dealt with so many people problems, that this is my time and I don't make apologizes for it.

If you have not thought about "glamping" and don't want to tent or vintage trailer camp, just think about doing it your way, with a more updated camper that you can still make your own.  This past year I took down the very popular looking camper curtains and tossed them and made some wonderful lace curtains which make all look lighter and more "me".  You can do it also.  

Friday, May 8, 2015

Rainy Day's are Wonderful

Today it is raining in my corner of the world and my corner of the state of Missouri, which is the northeast corner.  This is wonderful.  We need the rain, really we do, as do other places.  I am glad and thankful as a farmer and also as a gardener and outdoors person.  It will help my "garden grow" and no, my name is not Mary, Mary.

Rainy days during spring and summer are also helpful to the person who is outdoors lots, either working, walking, camping.  It means a day indoors to do other things, like staying in my pj's while I watch some morning news and knit on my wonderful gold colored baby alpaca/silk scarf. I only have four more sections and it will be finished.  I plan to use it as a "staple" item on my fall trip to France.  Oh, it is so richly soft and pretty also.  

I also have a carrot/raisin cake in the oven and will make cream cheese frosting for it after it is totally cooled.  It does smell wonderful as I sit here typing away and sipping nice Downton Abbey Republic of Tea from Hannibal's Java Jive.  It is called Mrs. Patmore's Pudding Tea and is black tea, with sweet blackberry leaves, natural caramel and vanilla flavoring, and carob bits.  It smells and tastes wonderful.  It can be ordered online so try it out if you don't have a classy coffee spot near you.  My spot is pretty coffee shop style and is owned by a young lady, good business woman, plus being a young wife and mother of small children.  She was just honored as one of the outstanding ladies in our community that own businesses.  Yes, Katie, way to go!

My handwash items are done in the washer with a great handwash cycle.  I really do enjoy the nice conveniences we have as homemakers and do not want to go back to old fashion things, but how I do like the old fashion and vintage decor and  clothing.  My camper is all "glamped" out with things like that as is my home.  But, again, even with clothes lines and such, I like good washers and driers and dishwashers and refrigerators.  Recently walking at the farm and collecting flat creek bed rocks for a friend's patio, I took some nice shots of the farm families old ice house.  This was probably built in the mid 1800's as the farmhouse was built in 1852.  So nice to go to my refrig, even in my camper and get out ice cubes.  

Enjoy your rain if you are receiving some, enjoy your conveniences, and most of us do have some or lots, and mostly enjoy your day.  Work on some baking, knitting, quilting, reading or even a nap.  I think I will do that after I get my four dogs their baths.  Good day for that as they already get wet smelling with going outdoors.