Thursday, April 21, 2016


Yes, it is happy birthday to me, and I am 68 today.  When I was 30, had toxic shock syndrome and was hospitalized for 12 days, with 5 days in intensive care.  My amazing doctor and nurses and also my GOD saw me through this.  I knew then that I would want to live life and appreciate it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

There has been all of that in my life, but from the bad came lessons, from the ugly, came perspective, and the good, well, lots of joy.  I must say with all the many difficult times, I saw joy in the days and the happenings and still have a wonderment of what life is going to be for the rest of this day, month, year, and lifetime I have left.  Since my family does live long lives, I conclude that I will also.  So 68 is not that old. 

I enjoy playing in the dirt, working in the yard, painting, knitting, sewing, walking in the woods and wading in the creek.  Recently I made a monument of rocks in honor of my trip to FRANCE and Normandy Beaches, where I was introduced to this form of monument.  The rocks are from the creek at our farm.  I stand amazed as it stands amazingly all by itself in balance.  As a yoga person, I believe in balance, and must say I am enjoying this monument so much.  The first night after making it, I had to wonder outside to check on it before heading to bed.

Travel, as you can see, is another thing I continue to do. In fact, next week I head by train to spend a few days in Chicago, a large city I do enjoy with all its culture, museums, food, and just time to spend wandering and wondering.  I do that well.