Friday, October 23, 2015


That is a nice word, and I so enjoy being a part of it all, the writing, the reading, the doing projects, earning badges.  I must say that after some losses, I did remove myself from doing any badges for some time now, which is sad, as I really do enjoy doing them.  I sometimes think it is because I was never a girl scout and this is like being an adult scout.  My family lived way out in the country and my dad drove truck and my mother did not drive.  It is not to say I did not learn lots, because I did.  My mother was very talented and passed much on to me, even having a good work ethic.  I am thankful for that.  However, I never did have a sister so very much enjoy writing and receiving notes and emails from those in my Scattered Prairie Gals group.

After losing my dear Daisy Mae Foxhound, bbf and glamping partner, I gave up for a bit, somewhat depressed and sad.  I had my wonderful trip to FRANCE, and treasure all of it.  I see many smiles during that time.  When getting back to real life, I have relived my trip often and will continue to do that.  But I have had to make myself get back into the stream of ordinary life in the country, without my Daisy Dog.  I also made the decision to sell my camper.  I went out to visit the campgrounds where we usually camped, and could not do it anymore.  I knew it was time to turn some pages to other things.  I have had to do this a number of times in my life.....reinvent yourself some may say.  I am thankful that I am still able to do that.

So I pulled my glamping/badge ring binder out of the closet and will get back into doing badges and projects.  I will not camp and feel it is the right decision.  I sold my camper and am glad to have it out of the yard.  I had three years of fun and memories to carry me on.  I must say that before my trip I had a quilt to machine quilt, several pairs of socks to finish the second sock of each pair, some mittens to finish, and a few scarfs.  I have now completed those things, as well as done activities around the yard and house.  I am cutting out a Christmas flannel quilt which will be tied when put together.  It is from a local shop in Hannibal and will be a joy to have in the living room over the season for years to come.

I have to thank many of my sisterhood people that I could write to and be happy to know through the mail.  I was also pleased to have many write back, many really enjoying getting some snail mail.  I enjoy the chat and also blogging, and email, but for some reason, the snail mail is a true treat.  

Thank you, Mary Jane Butter Ogle, for all you encourage us to do, smiling and enjoying life.  I feel that I am getting back there again.  I am always so encouraged when I receive my magazine, and usually stop what I am doing and just sit and look through it, knowing that later I can devour the stories one by a dessert after a good meal.
Keep up the good work.

I will always miss and remember my dear Daisy Mae Foxhound as I should, but I know that I can go forward with joy of great memories and sweet pictures of her to appreciate.
Thanks to those that understand that loss also.  She really was my bff.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I enjoyed getting out for a drive to see some of the color that MO has to offer.  A few are dramatic, the maple, but we need more of them.  It still is nice to get out and enjoy.  Being from Wisconsin, I can appreciate that many of you have more colorful falls, but enjoy yours also while you look at mine please.
 In our little town of New London, Missouri.  We live about six miles out in the country.  Town is under 1000 people.
 My husband by sign at center area park which is named after his mother.
 This is farmgirl 5600 in front of a fall tree in park in New London, MO.
 Oh, the pretty color is just contagious.  I must go home and paint a picture.

Friday, October 16, 2015


This year my garden did not grow well however, due to too much rain in northeast Missouri.  I enjoyed some tomatoes and cucumbers, but few.  However, my apple crop was very good, as well I did get some peaches and some grapes.  

You may ask what do I do with all this stuff.  Well, again, it was a slower and less produce year for me.  We dug potatoes but about half of the rows I planted rotted due to the rain.  I had planted about 145 hills as I was going to give many away.  However, we did get enough for ourselves.  We dig them during the summer months to use, but in the fall, we dig, wash, let dry and then store them in our basement for further use.  They will last us until spring, which means I will have to purchase a few bags before the summer crop.

As far as tomatoes and cucumbers, I am to the point of just growing enough for ourselves, but this year, well, that did not even happen.

The grapes gave me several batches of jelly, which always smells so good when cooking it down to strain and use.  The jars of jelly always shine so sparkly as they sit and cool on my kitchen counter.  Again, I usually get enough to share with others in the family.  Weather was not good for them either.

Our peach trees actually died this year, yes, established trees.  We did get a crop from one nice tree and now it is dying also.  I made pies, jams, cobblers and even froze some for later.  There were very few to share but my daughters each picked a basket full.

Apples were the last harvest.  One tree died, one tree, my granny smith, did not do well, producing only a large bowl of picking, but the wonderful crisps and pies it did make were appreciated.  The other apple trees, two, still have some to pick.  I have made jelly, pies and even fritters from these apples.  Sometimes we just go out for a walk and grab an apple or two on the way past our "friend apple tree".  

So produce was not grand this year, but we still were blessed with some and tried to use it properly.  I trust that those of you who have produce also enjoyed harvest.

Crafting Clothing

Recently I purchased a wonderful book that shows styles of simply sewn clothing, and it has the patterns in a back pouch that you can trace and cut out of tissue paper.  You can make many different items from the same simple dress, blouse, pants and jacket patterns by changing the fabric, colors and just a few things, like ties, sleeves and length.  I have enjoyed making one dress from a soft blue/black pattern of flannel.  It is a tunic dress with elbow length sleeves and a rounded neck line.  I can wear it with nylons, leggings and even pants under it.  It can wear it with flats, heels (I don't own any), or boots.  I can add scarfs, jewelry or a shawl.  This is a good fit for me.

Now I have cut out two blouses and also another dress.  The blouses are red print and then a soft earthy paisley print.  Both can be dressed up or made casual by what you wear them with.  My dress is a black/grey check flannel and I will make long sleeves on this dress.  I am excited to do some clothing sewing that meets my taste and lets me create my wardrobe.  Check out some sewing books, there are many out there, mostly oriental origin.  

It is again fun for me to sew clothing, not just do quilting. My daughters have checked out these books and also say there are things they would sew for themselves or their daughters.  The books give you instructions, different size patterns and ideas for fabric.  Go ahead, start to create for yourself.

Fun In Being Frugal

As I do things around my home, or elsewhere, I am often reminded of my parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents who lived through rough times such as world wars and a great depression.  Just yesterday when making chili, peeling an onion, I recall my Aunt Phyllis always saving the ends of the onion and the peels as she would later use them in soup for flavor.  I must say I have done this somethings and made my own veggie stock for soups and such.  I found that it takes lots of veggies and storage and then time and energy of stove to cook it down and can it, so I no longer do it when I can purchase very good stock at a reasonable price.  

This does not mean that I don't believe in being frugal, and there is always a plan and reason for it.  An example is that I traveled to Paris recently, but I watched my purchases and did not purchase things like expensive perfumes or shoes.  I looked at people's styles in clothings.  Now that I am home, I have been sewing and crocheting and knitting some of these styles and it is a fun challenge, rewarding, and yes, frugal.  I had on my list to check out boots that I saw many wearing, and did just that.  So with all the other frugal things that I did, I was able to purchase a nice pair of leather ankle high black boots that I will wear for years.  Taking care of things is also part of being frugal, and purchasing good products is also a way of making those cared for things last even longer.  I did not mind paying the price I did for these boots, as I had money left from my trip to apply to this purchase.
I also had so much fun with my daughter and granddaughter at the perfume counter in a nice store in our nearest large town, Quincy, Illinois.  We sprayed and smelled and used coffee beans to clear our "smeller" and went around two different counters.  Then I settled on, of course, Paris products, because I so enjoyed my time in France, not just Paris, but many places in France.  This purchase was also wonderful and funds were used again from what I had not spent on expensive meals there.  I enjoyed meals I ate there and some were more expensive, but I did not go out to fancy places each day.  I did purchase some clothing special to the area, like a nice wool jacket, very French in style, by a Paris up and comer.  I will enjoy it for years.  It will also go well with my new black ankle high boots and I will smell grand in my Dior perfume.  

Being frugal  does not mean that you have to always go without the things you like or want but it does mean that you should think about how you will be able to purchase them in a better way.  The sales lady even gave me a small sample bottle of the other perfume I thought about getting, Chanel #5, but I will use the sample, and enjoy it and enjoy for some time the bottle I did purchase.  After all, there are years ahead that I can go shopping again for perfume, I just need to start using the ends of my onions....just maybe.


I just finished a red/cream four patch quilt.  I used the front piecing just for relaxing and enjoying the process of quilting.  I also used the fill/backing from my old but good condition mattress pad from my king size bed.  I switched to a full size bed in my sewing room which is also a bedroom.  It just gives me more room to work around.  However, I did miss the size of the bed when I was laying out the quilt to check things on it.  One always gives up something to gain in another area it seems.  It seemed frugal to me to use this mattress pad and it really turned out looking nice.  Plus, I got it out of the storage area of stuff to use again sometime.

This spring I was able to purchase a nice quilting sewing machine, which has the free motion.  I had used it to make a few smaller things, in order to learn how it works, plus practice does make things a bit more perfect.  Of course, I realize everything one makes has some flaw as that is life, and things do not have to be perfect.  It is nice to do the best you can.  I made one other quilt, a brick pattern, and machine quilted it.  This newest project was laid out differently and it made it easier to challenge myself to a better quilting pattern of loops and circles.  I enjoyed doing it and learning as even this 67 year old has lots to learn.  My finished product is wonderful and I must say, my machine and I did a good job.  I still have to embroider my name, Bible verse, and date on my quilt, but here is a photo of it hanging on the clothes line in my rural northeast Missouri home.