Sunday, August 30, 2015

Picture from Wisconsin last season.  I live in Missouri since 1989 but often miss the many colors of fall leaves in Wisconsin, the rustle and the smell of fall.  Wherever you live, get out and enjoy the days ahead.
I will actually be able to spend some time this next month, September, in France, so will be making memories of the sites and smells and sounds there also.  It is good to make memories.

Country Living

COUNTRY LIVING (Not the magazine but my life for real)

This country living is always the best, at least in my opinion.  I know magazines that show places that they call "country living in the city", and I am glad that people fix up there homes in country style and maybe plant a tomato or two, but really, full country living is just that and I am very thankful to be able to live and experience it daily.

With changing some of my life activities around, I will be home more now, not glamping with my Daisy Mae Foxhound who I had to put down (sounds so soft and nice) last week.  I miss her greatly but have wonderful memories.  These memories are made in the country, at camp or at home on the farm.  I have begun taking my long walks again without my Daisy Mae, and just looking up and enjoying the world around me.  I also look down from time to time to mind the snakes and cow pies also.  

Berry season is past, my garden is out, and peaches are done as well as the pears.  I have some apples yet to harvest and also a few more rows of potatoes to dig.  Flowers are fading, and soon some of the leaves will change.  The smell of fall is coming, the rustle of leaves, the cooler mornings and evenings, fires in my patio firepit out back.  All good stuff.  Country stuff.

Winter will bring more indoor activity, but I get out and walk and enjoy my surroundings during this season also.  For now, day by day, I move forward in my country life, and in my life. .  .  my life without my best friend, Daisy Mae Foxhound, but life as I know it now which can still be very good, because I am a Country Katie with Daisy Mae always in my heart.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Always Country Katie and Daisy Mae

Always Country Katie and Daisy Mae

August 25, 2015, I had to take Daisy Mae, my best friend, into our vet.  In the past four to six months she has gotten progressively more aggressive.  She would not let Roy take off her collar at night and she growled at people who sat next to her.  She was aggressive to our three little elderly doxies, ages 12, 12, and 13.  They did not have to be eating something, taking her spot, really no excuse.  Last night after our dinner, she chased Matilda, age 12, long haired doxie, in the dining room for no reason.  She just simply attacked her.  She was biting her and then had Matilda shaking her like she would a rabbit or squirrel.  About four to six months ago she started killing the rabbits that got into our large fenced in backyard.  She killed one almost daily for some time.  I was concerned that she may try to do something with the dogs, or neighbors cat that comes to visit.  I asked my husband to see about putting up some chicken wire around the lower part of the fence, but he never got at it.  Now, I could have done it myself.  But, not to be angry or blame game, Daisy Mae Foxhound was that, a hound and a hunter.  I don't know why she changed but she did.  

So this morning I had my best friend, Daisy Mae Foxhound put down.  Yes, a hard but right decision.  My vet and I discussed it before she did it and she was proud that I made the decision I did and not take her to the animal shelter so she could go out to a family with pets or small children.  She reminded me that Daisy was my friend and I was her friend and we had 3 1/2 years of good life together.  She was my "glamping" partner, and right now I am not sure I will continue to camp.  But I will give it some time.  Yes, I have my three doxies, but Daisy Mae and I were very close , and she was probably the best and most special dog I ever had.  I will carry her in my memory.  I believe dogs do not go to heaven, but her memory will always go with me.  As I sat in my camper today and cried hard and long, I will give it some time to work through, not past.  I do not want to pass on Daisy. best friend forever....and when I write on my blog, Country Katie and Daisy Mae, I will always be thinking of her.  I do not plan to change my blog name.  I had to make a tough choice today about my friend, but I do not have to erase her from my life.  So for now, this saddened Country Katie and my sweet memories of Daisy Mae will sign off.  Thanks for listening, especially all you dog owners.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Getting on Facebook

Facebook Entry

Roy, my husband, finally decided he would do facebook.  So I told him it was easy to get on....well, maybe for some, but we sat a long time, a long time, to get it all done, and then today he still was not registered with his email account so we had to do that all over.  We did not know that you could not have two fb on the same email, but it all worked out after we made a couple of calls to our 17 year old grandson that knows everything about computers it seems.  Thank you, John.  

I have to say that it was fun helping Roy get on with learning about facebook.  He seemed to have lots of fun learning to upload photos and make lists of friends.  When the friends came in as confirming him as a friend, it was fun to watch him count and then, sadly, I showed him that the number of friends was right on the screen.  

This new journey for him should be good for him as his doctor is sending him to a specialist on Wednesday of next week.  They are believing he has early stages of Alzheimer Disease.  We will know more in a week or so, but tests he has done so far were not so great.  Actually he said, "Well, I failed."  

He also is going to audit a class at our local college, and has already read the book.  He seems so excited about it and I believe he will do well with it.  A couple of years ago I did some classes and really did enjoy it.  I am glad that he is going to make a try of this.  I plan to take a picture of him on his first day of school (again) at age 70, and email it to our local television station that has been putting first day pictures on their morning news reports.  It would be fun to see him on there.  He just laughed when I said that I was planning to do that.

Facebook entry turned out to work, and it was a good time to teach my husband a new thing to keep his mind active and learning.  Note that I have seen things he is forgetting and he mentioned some things also, but for now, facebook, college class, and hope for some time for using that mind before it goes it's own way.

From the caregiver spouse of the future....thanks for listening.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Glamping- Katie and Daisy Mae Style

Glamping-Katie and Daisy Mae Style

I just got home from a five day camping time again at my favorite place, Frank Russell Recreational Area, a Federal site, where I get to stay for only $9.00 a night, including my electricity.  It is because it is a federal site and I possess an America The Beautiful card for seniors, so all are half price, which means $18.00 a night for others, which is also cheaper then most places.

This area is fun, relaxing, in the woods mostly, has lots of walking areas and wooded paths also, paths down to Mark Twain Lake if you want to fish or swim, and even a nice pond with pretty geese to visit and also watch great sunsets.  Daisy and I like ending our day heading to the pond to watch the sunset, and then head back to the camper.

We cook on a small gas grill or over the open fire, and sometimes even on my three burner stove in the camper.  I like to sit under the trees and read, knit, or do quilting.  Daisy likes to rest and watch me, always with one eye part way open to also watch for squirrels, rabbits, turkey, and other things that venture our way....maybe even the gatekeeper friends Julie and Dianna who often stop and visit, or a park ranger, or a family member stopping in.  

This was my sixth camping trip this season and each were five days.  I find it so interesting that on my way home, after being out at the campsite, that when driving through the only town I have to drive through, 500 people population, I tell myself, "Wow, look at all the houses and people".  Really, how one gets used to being in the wilderness and enjoying it so much.

Have to go, my oven is telling me my peach cobbler is done baking.  Happy camping.