Monday, June 25, 2018



Today as I stood with one of my many handmade aprons on, in my lovely country kitchen, I was very joyful.  I looked into the dining room and in the windows as in the kitchen windows were homegrown herbs hanging to dry.  One the one corner of the kitchen counter were young dill plants that I had to strip the  dill weed from so it could dry.  While doing all this, I was drinking tea from a sweet old tea cup, and listening to the birds singing outside.  I was rolling out dough with my FRENCH rolling pin, flour from my large old jars with red lids, and it goes on and on.   It was almost a COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE moment.  I was making a black raspberry constata.  They were picked from our little patch at the edge of the backyard lawn just entering the woods.  

Now with all that lovely nostalgia, I must say, I also appreciate my wonderful stove with a bread proof setting for the oven, my wonderful food processor that I made my tart and pie crust in, and my air fryer that I will use again tonight for dinner items.  Then later I will use my Keurig for a nice special cup of coffee after dinner.  

It is a balance as is all of life.  So as I balance out my hobbies and jobs around home; my time in this retirement stage of my life; I stand in my country kitchen saying I am a grateful 70 year old woman.  My hope for you is that you find what makes you happy also and always make time to do it even if you are not retired.

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