Friday, October 31, 2014

End of October.....Wow

Maybe it is not the same for you, but to me this year went so fast, and the "glamping" season went even faster.  It was, however, all enjoyable, rain or shine, and I am already looking and planning for next season.

Today I printed off the last of my camping pictures and have completed my second year "glamping" photo album.  I do plan to have many more years and many more albums to live and create and enjoy along the way.

During these next months, well, "Glamping" will be part of my life, but just at home.  I  can have firepit fires and do smores, and I can take my Daisy Mae Foxhound on long walks at the farm.  The difference is then coming home to a house instead of a camper.  It is all good stuff.  I will also plan and create some items for use next year for glamping, such as more embroidered kitchen towels, maybe a new tea pot from an auction, and even getting a quilt or two done for the camper.

In progress now are three different quilts, but I do know they will be for at home.  Well, maybe the crazy quilt can go to the camper sometimes.  Crazy quilts are fun to do and fun to use, having such interesting history.  I am making the current one from all fabric obtained at second hand stores.....lots of velvet, silk ties, and skirts, with some rayon pieces also and lots and lots of embroider.  

Tonight, the last night of October, yes Halloween, means cooler weather and more time to do these crafts and think about the next season while still enjoying memories of the past season of glamping.  I am not busy with trick or treaters.....well, because I live out in the country, way out where no one comes to get candy.  But I do wish everyone a happy fall season.  Enjoy November tomorrow and all month.  Enjoy family and traditions and friends and cooking and baking and decorating.  Enjoy yourself, always taking time for some rest.   

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wandering and "Wondering" Thoughts

Not sure if it comes with fall, endings to many things, or because we are through with Roy's cancer treatments, or many other "or's and "if's".  This country lady is still enjoying life but seems to be at a stage of rethinking, plotting and planning anew, and redirecting her time, talents and days.  I am thinking this is all okay and a part of life, at least it is for my life right now.  I have been reading books on decisions, directions, and taking note of things I should or want to change in my own life.

My country life and life with my Daisy Mae, foxhound, really is good.  I have enjoyed many outings of "glamping" this season.  I actually went about 12 times and three to four days each time so adding this up, I have been gone camping 36 or more days this season.  I don't go far, but I do have fun, and quiet and rest.  I miss it already since winterizing the camping.  Last night we had to make a fire in our backyard firepit and have  marshmallows.  I am thinking I can do it again tonight.  Chicken soup and homemade deli-style rye bread of dinner, and smores can be our dessert.  Really they can!

Also Roy has gotten good reports from all of his cancer treatments and this is great.  Not all the schedules and running and running and resting and taking him on field trips (drives just to get out of the house on days he was feeling better).  Now he can get on with his stuff and plan and do some things by himself.  Yeah.

Books I am reading are helping me as I admit, I change things around sometimes and just get too too busy.  After no more running for Roy, I decided to join two new groups at church.  Good stuff, but really, I don't like the running and was yelling "yeah" when I could be home more.  New friends from my auction groupie people that we are starting to see at our homes and go out to eat with....Good stuff, but will limit it also.  Wow, I was a workaholic before I was retired and now I must rethink my scheduling as I can become an "overscheduleler.  Not sure that is even a word, but it does sort of fit me right now.

The problem as I see it is that there are so many great things to do and people to do them with and places to go....and that does not even touch on the hobbies or jobs and work around home.

My problem is I like it all.  But this mighty warrior is retired and retired early due to chronic fatigue.  Now you see the problem along with me.  I am an "overdoer" for sure and I think that really is a word.  

So I must rethink, pray, make a list and check it twice, going to find out what is lasting and right.  I will keep all my quilting, knitting, sewing, crafts, writing, painting, embroidery, and I will keep my recipe trying and baking and cooking.  I will keep my house clean and neat.  I will keep my friends, but limit how often I go and do things.  I will keep my one favorite auction with most of my auction groupies at it.  I will go only once a month.  I will attend church, but not all the groups.  I don't believe some of them are even my assignment to be at.  I will keep and attend my book discussion group at the library but will and have already resigned from the Friends of the Library Group as president.  I can belong to it and help at book sales, but not everything they do, as they are not all my assignment either.  I won't help with the church food pantry accept to give food to it.  It is not something I really need to get up early on Saturday morning and do.  
I will not attend the Monday night group but will see how the Bible Study goes to see if I will continue it.  

Good things, but oh, the running is what gets me.  If I want to do my hobbies, clean and bake and cook and read, and rest, and walk and love on my Miss Daisy Mae, foxhound.  .  .  well, I have to be home.  It is known that foxhounds need lots of attention and time spent is good time for both of us.  I could blame my pulling back from things on Daisy.  Yes...well, NO, NO, NO.  I could blame it on being ill.  NO to that also, as I feel wonderful most of the time.  I will blame it on nothing.  I will proclaim that I am retired and plan to enjoy it, doing it the way I am assigned to do it.  

You please go ahead and do yours the way you want and blessings to you.

Monday, October 6, 2014


The four seasons are wonderful and I cannot say I have one favorite one.  Fall is upon us, so I am enjoying the days with cool breezes, leaves rustling, cornstalks dry and rattling with movement, colors changing, crop harvest noise of machines and trucks, and so much more.

Our sweet hummingbirds have gone and so or the feeders for another year.  Around here they usually come back out in April.  Geese are doing some flocking up as are blackbirds.  It amazes me to see a large group of blackbirds just sitting on our country roads and having to slow down for them to rise and fly in many directions, but always swarming back together.  The grace in their movement is almost poetic.

With fall this glamper is also somewhat saddened, as the season of camping around here is coming to an end.  For me, it just seems too soon, even if I have been blessed to go out for three or four days at a time with my Daisy Mae, foxhound.  We have gone a total of twelve times this season, but I long to go a few more times in October.  I may then be ready to settle into winterizing my camper.  

After all, there is life after a season of glamping.  I did it last year, my very first year to camp again after 30 years.  I will use the fall and winter season to continue to work on my projects which I do so often while glamping.  

I have three quilts in the making:  1.  a nine patch  2.  a hexagon English Paper Pieces with Downton Abbey fabric  3.  an embroidered block quilt of teapots.  Oh, my head goes on to more as I read quilting magazines and books.  I am enjoying a good read now of "The Quilter's Legacy" by Jennifer Chiaverini, it is a novel.  Then my dear husband purchases a very nice hardcover edition of American Quilts at a weekend auction for me.  

There are socks to continue to knit, and hats, and scarfs, and maybe even a sweater or a jacket.  I also enjoy sewing aprons.  I actually even have an apron for my Daisy Mae to wear.  I had her wear it when passing off some bake goods to a friend recently.  She does look very "pretty in pink".

Okay, I will close for this time....I have talked myself into the fact that I will be "okay" with glamping season coming to an end for now.  Thanks for listening.