Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pictures from Katie's Kitchen

My little Hemingway.   Katie making peanut butter cookies.  New table cloth I made from fabric, in Daisy print in honor of my Daisy Mae Foxhound.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Katie's Kitchen

It is no small thing to say that I enjoy staying home......I just does not make me odd, or a hermit, but I admit, I could have those tendencies the more I have been out in the world.  The world is loud and rude and not a good place at times to grow my creativity or my peace and calm spirit.  I know I have to go out in the world, and I do, but I do enjoy my home life more.

So today I finally am back on my blog, as I have been busy at home and elsewhere, but know I must get back to some kind of a schedule.  I have a chest cold and feel a bit tired, but things like this are a pleasure to me.  I have had the pleasure of sitting in my porch swing, holding my little yorkie and watching the birds while reading a good book this morning.  But yesterday.....well, yesterday it was all about Katie's Kitchen.  I like to cook and bake and I did.  So glad I made several things as now with my cold, I can relax and get well and just enjoy leftovers....good, home cooked left overs.  In a world that is always announcing sickness from a food chain,  prices going up, poor service,  well, serve yourself with your own good things.  Grown what you can, even herbs, and freeze and can.  Enjoy the process and the calm and the peace and also the health.
Then, after you bake some good peanut butter cookies, fix some tea, in one of your favorite pots and enjoy.  I like fiesta ware as it is colorful and cheery.  Pick up your life with the things you like, even if it is a tea pot.