Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gathering Winter Activities

Winter seems to be upon us in rural Missouri.  I like the seasons as I have said before, but it seems that fall went so fast.  I was ready for bonfires, and nice walks in the leaves, and hiking with family, but it got cold, cold fast.  However, this lady always has lots of ideas for all seasons.

My newest thing is joining the YMCA.  Yes, I do not like running to town often, and especially at night, but I decided I needed to get out and meet a few new people, but mostly I needed to stay active.  These old bones get sore otherwise and sluggish.  So after some twenty years of not belonging to the YMCA, I made a big decision to start up again.  I go two times a week for now....Tuesday and Thursday.  I am back to doing Yoga.  I did it at home, but with a group, class, has always been more challenging and fun for me.  After that hour I rest a bit and then head to the pool.  I swim, as I so enjoy my pool in the summer months, I now can continue to get that all over body workout.  Then I do water exercise class.  I have met some nice women in that class already.  I hit the hot tub for about 15 minutes before leaving.  

On Tuesday, I do all the above and then take myself to lunch, and then Bible Study group with some wonderful church friends.  After that I do some errands, and maybe get another bite to eat before heading to a great knitting group at a church and library friend's home.  The group of women there is so great also.  We knit and laugh and talk.  It is something like some of the books I have read about knitting groups or book discussion groups of women, getting close to know each other through the years.   It makes me think of the old movie "Steel Magnolias".  Women do like to talk and cry and laugh and know each other's business and try to help each other out.  It is wonderful to let new people into my life, and also keep those I have known for years.  My oldest dear friend is Helga, and we have been friends for over 40 years.  Friends of other women helps me grow and be all I can be.

So part of my gathering of winter activities are still my home things, especially walking my sweet Daisy Mae Foxhound.  She is now two years, eight months and 3 days old.  Yes, I am smitten with her.  She is always so happy when I get home and we talk and walk and take naps together.  She sits with me in the oversized recliner when I do hand quilting or knitting.  She is a warmth in body heat and also heart.  I also have my bread baking, cooking and other baking, home decorating and entertaining, but mostly the wonderful simple life of country......relaxing, watching the sun set,  visiting with neighbors that drop in, family.  But I do think this new activity for winter will be good for me.  I know I will learn something from it, and we are always always always to keep learning and growing.......and maybe it won't be in body size with all the exercise!