Saturday, September 26, 2015

Picture Posting

After a recent trip to France, with lots of photos taken, I am having so much fun posting things a bit at a time to my facebook and other medias.  I also got many, many (1100) prints developed and will work on placing them in four wonderful albums that I purchased a few days ago.  I am learning that taking trips like these means that if you slowly relive the things you did, you are blessed all over again.  When you find people enjoying what you saw and are sharing it is a marvel of how you feel like you are there once again.  What I don't understand is those few, and only a few, who don't comment or comment with sad or harsh things.  Maybe I should just realize that some people are small in their thinking and friendships also.  Anyway, I will post and print and show my pictures and such from France.  My family moved to this country from France years ago, and I am proud to be French, but honored to have been born in America, the greatest country ever.  We should always learn and honor our heritage, and this is what I, at age 67, was and am about doing.  
 Arch of Triumph just across from the Musee Louvre in Paris, France.  Below, I stand before the Musee Louvre.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Country Katie Home from France....

My my my,  this country girl spent eight days in France and feel so very blessed.  I also am glad to be back home in rural Missouri, and was able to pick some apples today and make two pies, one for us and one for neighbors.  As I start to organize and post some photos of my trip on facebook and here, I want to say that I enjoyed the culture and details of things I saw in France.  Little villages in north western France, Normandy area to see the beaches.  I also went North east to Alsace/Lorraine area where my family came from to move to the United States.  I met refugees at the train station.  I could not help but think of years ago that many French people were on the move to leave due to wars and wars and more wars, with my grandparents being some of those people.  I am so thankful to this wonderful country of United States where I was born, who took in so many people from every where.

I visited many interesting places in Paris also, the Louvre and Orsay Musee, the Eiffel Tower and the wonderful Jardin Luxembourg Gardens.  Architecture and culture was wonderful to explore.  This country lady even did some shopping.....I can be in style you know!!!!  After all, I am French.
 Normandy Beaches WWII Cemetery.
Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Opportunities to Explore

Opportunities to Explore Life

It is such joy to have opportunities to explore things in life, from creative things, to festivals, to travel and all containing people.  We can learn so much from watching and talking to and mostly listening to people.

This past weekend I helped a knitting circle friend in her booth at the Hannibal, Missouri, Steampunk Festival.  This is a stretch for me to do these types of things, but I try to challenge myself, plus it was an opportunity to get to know Hilly more.  

This was the second year Hannibal hosted a festival of this type.  Wow, what an eye opener to new and interesting ideas and people.  It is like a whole circle of "believers" of steampunk.  I am used to the sisterhood of Mary Jane Farm people, of my church, of my knitting circle, and community, but this was knowledge for learning.  

Also my friend, Hilly, owns and uses a 1904 GearHart sock knitting crank machine to make all of her socks and fingerless gloves on.  She really does great work and did wonderful with sales.  
 1904 GearHart sock knitting crank machine owned by Hilly Jacklin.
My son, Brook Kurth, and his hawk, Ginny.  He is one of 91 licensed falconers in Missouri.  Ginny is a red tail hawk and a hit at the Steampunk Festival. Below are Hilly at the machine and I behind having fun.