Friday, May 25, 2018


A few days ago we picked 1 pint of fresh strawberries, and two days later we picked a gallon.  They are smaller, but sweet sweet sweet.  I had ordered a lovely short and smaller bundt pan which has an indented top so you can fill it with fresh our lovely strawberries.  It is such a pleasure to have these fresh berries.  We also have blackberries and black raspberries, and trees with apples and pears and peaches.  The smell of the orchard is so pleasant.  It is fun watching things grow also.  Farming, gardening, and living in our country home is a joy.  There is work in all of these things, but it is joyful work, with sunshine, quiet, harmony of the bird songs, and fresh air.  At night I may be tired after spending time trimming, weeding, hoeing, picking, and even canning and freezing.  But it is "delicious" and healthy.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


About five years ago two of my grandson's, my son's wonderful boys, and my husband planted a three tiered strawberry patch for me.  I had taken out the big garden and also the large strawberry patch which was getting old.  My desire was to go smaller.  Thus for my birthday one year they made this lovely patch.  I enjoy having the tiers as it makes it easier to pick.

Yesterday, 5-22-2019, I picked my first "pint" of berries.  They are small, but sweet and delicious.  It is fun to was them in the neat new container, ceramic, that I picked them in.  Funny story when I purchased this at Hobby Lobby a few days ago, an older man stuck up a conversation with me about what I was going to pick in it.  I nicely told him about my patch and that it would be fun to use it.  He continued on talking when I had a sense that he was flirting with me.  I just smiled and said, "Nice talking with you."  I am 70 and this boosted my spirits, but I also walked out of Hobby Lobby with a neat purchase that made me smile, that day and when I used it to pick, and wash my berries in.

The best part is that I took my freshly cleaned berries and mashed them with some sugar, scooped out two dishes of vanilla ice cream and had this lovely treat along with fresh warm homemade bread with good butter on for lunch....with my husband of many years.  He conversed and licked his lips, saying how blessed we are to have our own berries.  Be they littler then store berries, but they are also much tastier, and all organic!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Blooming Beauty

Lovely blooms are all over my yard and how I love it.  Flowers do warm my heart even if the day may be a hard day.  So I pick peonies, take photos of Clematis and Iris.  All enjoyable as I also watch my salad and herb garden grow and pumpkin patch increase in leaves each day.  The rain has been hitting our area every evening for a bit, maybe 1 inch, or 1/2 inch a day.  It means weeding is easier and less watering time.  Time to enjoy it all and raise the spirits of anyone who takes the time to look.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


No not a restaurant or bar, but really, a nest with youngsters sitting on the edge looking out at their big world.  Later we went back again with my son and two of his children.  My son is a certified, licensed, Missouri Falconer, which means he can have a hawk and train it for hunting.  He does, and actually has had three or four already, catching, keeping and training then releasing after about two years so they can again go out in the wild.  So it was with agreement that I had to tell him about this nest we found on our farm, but not telling the neighbors or the world where it is.  Some people don't appreciate these things and just act stupid.

So both times we approached, we did not go too close and we were quiet as we could be.  I took lots of photos with my long zoom.  What a treat when we went back with son and family that while we were again looking but respecting, one of the parents flew in.  It landed on a tree a bit away from the young and put down the fish it had in its beak, and started to converse with it's young.  Amazing to be a witness to all of this.  Wandering in the wonderful world, even if it is our farm, which is amazing, is something to behold.
Get out and enjoy this world.

Monday, May 7, 2018


Today the corn popped out as well as my cucumbers, and lettuce.  It is always exciting, no matter how many years I put seeds in the ground, it still amazes me that they grow and will produce great things for us to eat and share with others.

Indoors, my starter is ready for baking baguettes tomorrow.  So good to be able to grow healthy things and also the bake healthy things.  I will also make spaghetti from my tomatoes of last harvest, and I even make my own pasta, which means no preservatives.  

Life is good in my corner of the country.