Monday, February 6, 2017

Country Katie and Daisy many  more.

Because I loved my Daisy Mae Foxhound so much, she seems to still be very much a part of my life, but today I was thinking as I was old walking, without this grand walking companion, that it has been since August of 2015 that I have not had her.  If you have every been attached to an animal friend, I am certain you can understand when I say that there are reminders of her all around.  I have pictures and some little ceramic statues, a scrap book, and than, the wonderful memories as I look at things in my life.

Hemingway, a little yorkie mix, came to live with us some five months later.  It was hard to think of getting another dog, or getting attached to another dog.  My Hemingway is very much loved and admired for sure.  He has stole my heart.  I look at him and tell him that it is because of Daisy Mae Foxhound and other dogs before her that I brought him home.  The Humane Society told me that he would steal my heart.  They knew me well because I did volunteer work down there and also found my Daisy Dog there.  I should say that they both found me, both Daisy Dog and Hemingway.  

Then we needed to have a more playful dog as a companion for Hemingway as he is such a busy dog.  We again went to the Humane Society and told them what we needed or what Hemingway needed and we were introduced to Mr. Molesley, a two year old Italian Greyhound.  So I was back to another hound, but he acts and looks nothing like a hound.  Hemingway did a good job in picking him out.

A few months after that Vincent came to live with us.  A friend had purchased him at a puppy mill in Indiana and he was a mess, but she was also a mess, never having a puppy, only grown dogs.  She had him five days and was crying for help.  She had him in the car and was putting posters up to get rid of him.  I took one look at her and knew that I really did not care if I helped her out of her mess.  As a psychologist, she just should have known better is my thought.  I did feel so sorry for him.  She called him Cody, but I already knew that could not be his name.  I purchased him from her so she would not want to claim him after we welcomed him home and he was all trained and grown.  I admit it seems I have lost her friendship, but not his.  He is a mighty little Maltese and fun little boy who plays well with both of the other guys.

For this woman who has mostly had hounds, we are all paired up well, and these three little guys came to me and rescued me.  They are the joy of my days and snuggled friends during my nights.  They make me laugh and cry and enjoy my every days.  This country life is made better with my little boys who I call my three (four-legged) sons.  

It just seems that I know that my Daisy Mae Foxhound would be so pleased that these three little guys have rescued me and also come to enjoy the good home that she so enjoyed.  
Mr.  Molesley

 Hemingway and Vincent

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Good Country Living Day...........

As I still await any winter weather here in NE Missouri, I also enjoy being able to go out for walks and not wear boots.  There is a trade off for things, and I do not mind boots, but it is much easier walking in shoes.  The sun is shining and it is about 50 degrees today.  I just told my husband that this winter season has been somewhat disappointing as I like snow and some cold.   

But today is February 1, and I am feeling better from my long running cold/chest congestion.  Today I made two peach pies, yes with fruit from our orchard, and than from the freezer.  I also made three loaves of wonderful baguettes.  Roy and I had baguette slices hot out of the oven with nice rich butter.  It just does not get any better than that.

My outdoors may look gloomy without some snow, but life in rural Missouri still is grand.  As I plan to take a three day trip to the big city, my favorite, Chicago, by train, I still look at it as a treat to see and experience the big city.  But live there, no way.  Someone has to but I am glad it is not me.

I will take the huge flocks of snow geese flying overhead all day today.  I will take the woodpeckers rapping on the trees, and the finches eating merrily in our many feeders.  I will even take the howl of a coyote at night or even early morning.  Now and than I hear the screech of a bobcat over at our farm, and I will take that also even if it is an erry sound.  

Country life......almost as good as my hot baguette bread slices with rich butter.....well, at least a good match.