Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Birds, flowers, sounds, breezes.....spring.  I like to take it all in.  Just yesterday while standing in my backyard an oriole flew past me and landed in the tree near saying "see me, I am back".  Oh yes, you can see these lovely bright colored birds.  A few days before that I hear a red wing black bird....loving that sound.  I recall when living, growing up, in Wisconsin, I would hear these birds and "giggle" because I knew it meant SPRING.  I liked seeing these birds wherever I lived and no matter how old I was.  The breeze makes me rush out with bedding, rugs, and other laundry.  How good it is to crawl between those sheets that evening with the breeze of spring still on them.  It makes me think of sleeping under the stars years ago.  I still sleep under stars but only see part of them as I look out of the bedroom window at night.  It is quiet in this country home, and no curtains makes this possible.
Now for flowers, my daffodils are up and also some lilies.  The grass is even getting green.  SPRING.
This little girl used to "giggle" about it's arrival, and this almost 70 young lady is still "giggling" at it this season.  If you come my direction, and slow down, listen and you may hear my birds, my breeze, and even my "giggle" of spring.

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