Thursday, March 8, 2018



We have a nice gravel driveway, actually a circular drive way, and at the end of this driveway is our oversized mailbox.  I like it being oversized with a nice handle on the front to open it easier.  It is shiny black with large white numbers which I painted on and also our name is on the front.  Our long time, now about twenty years, postal person even likes it.  When we put it up, she left a not saying thank you and how nice it was.
You see, I do online shopping and she has to deliver lots of these items that do not come by other means.  She would have to  leave the road and come down our nice driveway to deliver these packages.  Now she can leave them in our mailbox because most fit in it.  She puts lots of miles on her jeep on our country roads so even the distance of our driveway not having to travel is good news.  BJ does a good job and we are grateful.  Therefore when Christmas comes, she gets a tin of cookies and homemade candies, which she always thanks me for.  On Easter I make a basket for her and leave it in the box.  She thanks me for that also.  Today I pulled three nice loaves, baguettes, from my oven, and thought, well, it is about time for BJ to deliver the mail, so I quickly wrapped a baguette and tied a ribbon around it, took it to the box and left it.  Minutes later I saw her driving down the side road so she would be back in about ten minutes.  I was so glad that I made it out there with the bread.  Later, getting the mail, a note from BJ was found and she said,  OMG, this bread is a nice surprise and it is still warm.  Thanks.   She always thanks me.  But I thank her and all the other service people that make my days better.
And, I thank the people who made my oversized Country Mailbox.

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