Friday, March 9, 2018


You may think like I do, that sometimes "enough is enough".  It could be on many issues, but I am thinking about "stuff".  As we go through life, we Americans especially seem to collect and accumulate many things.  But it seems to me that at a certain stage of life, "enough is enough".  

As I have moved many times in my life, sometimes many distances, I have been able to limit what I have because of necessity.  However, I have now not moved for 25 years.  I can see how it happens.  

I am not speaking of hoarding, but collecting neatly and with organization.  I got into it with having consignment booths and going to auctions.  It was fun and not that expensive, or even a hobby.  Collecting teacups and pots, Precious Moments, music boxes, little tea cups and saucers, measuring cups, bowls, juicers.  It just went on.  So I quit.  I quit the consignment booths when the shop closed.  I quit the auctions because my grandson no longer worked at one I used to go to every other week.  I quit the collecting of some of the items.  Because, I just did not need the things anymore.

It also made me think when my neighbor from another country said, wow, do you use all of those teapots?   Well, I actually rotate them and use them all during a years time.  However, it made me think about my collecting.

A friend calls it "death cleaning", but I call it making life a little lighter.  So I lightened my load and house by giving away my Precious Moments , juicers, most measuring cups, music boxes.  I used some as gifts and gave the rest to good thrift stores so they can make some funds for their cause.  I even gave away my curio cabinet.  My wall shelf that I used for music boxes that just collected dust is now nice with antique book collections from my husband's grandfather, and a few antique unique items.  It looks so nice.  The living room is lighter because a wooden rocker and the curio cabinet are also gone.  I have one shelf in a kitchen cabinet with my glass measuring cups I kept.  I kept most of my bowls and all of the teacups and pots which are displayed on three nice higher to the ceiling wooden shelves around the dining room.  

It all makes me feel lighter and more organized.  It also has made me think about other things also.  This past Christmas and also this coming Christmas I will again "shop at home" not on line, but from my home stash, for family and friends.  I gave books, scarves I had made, measuring cups, teacups with candy in, coffee mugs to service people with keurig or tea bags in.  I made things from supplies I had here, to get rid of my fabric and yarn stash also.

Closets look great.  My house is as usual organized and neat, but underneath and outwardly, there is just less.  To me less is best and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  

With shopping now my husband laughs because most of my shopping is for baking and cooking as I really enjoy doing both.  I also purchased some more and newer exercise equipment to use at home now that I have to spend less time undusting all my collections.  

So I encourage all of you to lighten your load also and call it what you want to.  As for me , I am only 70 years young and not ready to work on death cleaning, but see my home being easier for those left behind if I do go quicker then planned.

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