Sunday, April 15, 2018

Silly Stuff...

Going to shop at Dollar Tree with my adult daughter was a treat yesterday.  She lives 25 miles from me, and we were getting together for lunch and a bit of shopping and visiting.  The new Dollar Tree Store in her little town was fun.  It even has silly things to purchase for a dollar that this 70 year old enjoys.

One purchase was a hippo that is battery operated and twirls a bubble wheel from it's mouth into a bubble solution trough and blows the bubbles out, little bubbles which my three little dogs just loved to chase.  What a nice addition to our screen porch time.

Another purchase was small plastic flamingo that I put on the end table next to my porch swing in the porch.  It is solar powered and flaps it's wings.  Really cute.  Some time ago I read a book with a story about a flamingo.  It goes something like this as I recall:  At the end of the day, each day, look for your flamingo.  You see when people see a flamingo, they laugh, smile, marvel.  Yes, they laugh at the silly bird standing on one leg for long periods of time when they have "two" legs to stand on.  They smile when they see a "pink" bird.  And they marvel when they think of all the wonderful creatures in this word, and this one pink bird on one leg often turns even a brighter or lighter pink with how many of a certain berry they eat.  The final idea here is that each day we have something in our life to laugh at, smile about, or marvel, so look for your daily "flamingo.  I liked that so much even if I don't want large plastic flamingos in my yard, but this little guy will make me laugh, smile and marvel even about the idea when I am spending time in my country home screen porch this season.  

No matter if you live in an apartment in town, or a farmhouse, we all need that flamingo and we all should realize it.  Enjoy

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