Sunday, April 1, 2018


Our country home was hit with about two inches of snow today.  We had about that much all winter and now it is slippery, cold, and very white.  Pretty, but it is spring.  People are in the ditches on the highway our daughter reported to us after she called that she was safely home after her dinnertime here with us for Easter.

We had wonderful ham from Nueske's in Wittenberg, Wisconsin.  It is applewood smoked and so very good.  I made good potato salad, and some delicious corn bread from a recipe of Ina Garten's .  It has cheese and onions in it and it is also topped with cheese.  Rich and tall and moist corn bread, the best recipe ever I believe.  Leslie brought homemade lemon bars.  

The dogs played, having Dottie, Leslie's dog, here also as their company.  They like having her visit.  Roy took a nap and Leslie and I scrolled online sites and did a little shopping and also just looking, visiting, laughing, talking about life, jewelry, books, family, and our dogs also.  It was a good time and this almost 70 year old will treasure it.  It is always nice to have a pleasant time on a holiday, even if we are home.  I am grateful.  
Oh, I am the younger one....with the very white hair.   Silly me, my daughter is the young one, with the long pretty dark red hair, naturally curly and so pretty.

Hoping all of you had a good holiday also, Easter, Passover, or whatever your Sunday was for you.

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