Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Yesterday was so pleasant.  I mean the weather, as most of my days are pleasant, all about attitude I say.  But after days of cold this spring and not much sunshine lately, well, yesterday was everything one could ask for as a day to be outside.  OUTSIDE is a good word in my life.

So I was out with my dogs in the fenced large backyard, and then took them on not one but two long walks.  I cleaned out my cactus flowerbed.  After many "ouch" times, I removed most of the leaves from the yucca and prickly pear.  I do enjoy the color and the blooms on these plants.  I have added more prickly pear to the area and will await the lovely growth and blooms.  This bed has lots of collected rocks and a couple of bird baths, twirly gigs and some light stems.  It brings me great joy.

Then the other front flowerbed is all returning flower groups...daisies, black-eyed Susan's plus some decor, homemade and purchased.  Many are gifts from children.
Below is one I designed from a $4.00 purchase of old aluminum coffee pot and old silverware.  Now awaiting the plants to return with full glory and stay until fall. Behind this bed, looking from my front window, is also a white picket fence to frame the look.

So I encourage you all to get outside and enjoy.  If you cannot, then just enjoy.  It is time to stop complaining and start complimenting your world.

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