Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Today was a beautiful day in NE Missouri, actually about 72 degrees and sun.  I spent time walking, more then my 10,000 steps for my FitBit.  I also had fun with my dogs, and hanging clothing on the line.  So much fun.  Then.....

I took a nice break after dinner, and sat in the screen porch and drank my wine.  Now how good can the day get then that.  My husband had a soda and we talked about summer trips, maybe an RV to do more travel together as we could take our dogs.  But we do like our separate trips also.  I like being home for days without others, just my dogs and my many hobbies and books.

Good weather brings out the best in people I think.  Another nice day tomorrow but snow coming again this weekend.  Wow

Wine, tea, soda, coffee or water, get out side and enjoy it.

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