Thursday, April 5, 2018


Today it was 60 degrees in NE Missouri.  The clothes lines held my many homemade aprons which I wear often, when I bake and cook and sometimes when I do some flower planting.  Most often when I garden plant I wear my dear bib overalls.  

With this warm weather and deciding to clean the kitchen pantry, I took all my aprons, which hang in the pantry, and washed them, and put them outside on my lovely clothes lines.  If you never had clothes lines, well, try it.  The smell of the clothing after drying in the fresh air and sunshine is something to behold.  I open the pantry and breath it in.  Just wonderful.  

Aprons are something my grandmother always wore, and I have one, actually the last one she made in her 80's before she was too sick with cancer to do anymore sewing.  One thing she always did was cut a small piece of the scrap fabric and stick it into the apron pocket.  Why, you may wonder....she did this because she wore her aprons until they were worn or wearing out, or maybe tore it, so had a little fabric to patch it.  That special apron is the dark with pink flowers and it has that fabric still in the pocket.  I was given this apron in 1988 after my grandmother died.  I have made many of these aprons and have pieces of fabric in them also.  I may not wear my aprons as long as my grandmother did and I know I have more then she had at a time, but it is just a little touch of "Grandma Clara".  That is ENOUGH reason.  

My suggestion to you is to make and apron, and get a clothes line up.  All part of country life, even if you are in town.

My grandmother's last apron sewn.


  1. I love that you have your Grandmother's apron

  2. Yes, she was very special to me. I so appreciate the many things I have from her which I have been able to even pass on to my children. Thank you for your comment.