Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Being Fit, and my FitBit

This 70 year old lady wears her fitbit now for several years and has gotten her husband to wear one also.  I like to challenge myself with the steps each day and am always interested in the active minutes.  I can clock up steps with no active time and this bothers me some.  But it is technology, and I am the one in charge of my active time.  Some of this active time is yoga and other exercise good for me but not counted on my fitbit.  

Yesterday being a wonderful spring day, I was out and about.  When realizing early afternoon that my wrist was vibrating to let me know that I had made my 10,000 steps, wow.  By the end of the day I had 14,000.  Now this is good.  I also had 50 minutes of active time.  It is suggested to do 10,000 each day and 150 active minutes per week.  So I kept track last week how I was doing.  I must say I was pleased.  Today I was pleased, but also tired.  Outside time and exercise is good for us all, and keeping track of it is good.  However, the challenge can make you lose the joy.  I work at not allowing this.  I like the heart rate check also, but again one can get too concerned about all of it.
Some days I have come to not wearing my fitbit because I just need a break from it.  

With my fibermyolgia  I often cannot stand to wear jewelry like wrist and ring items.  But I also like to take breaks from technology and just enjoy my life.  All the while I know I am doing okay with my challenge to keep moving and enjoying my life.  Staying as healthy as I can.

My challenge to you is to move, stretch, but always enjoy your time doing so.  Enjoy the down time also by using it to read, be creative, or even nap.  Balance yourself and enjoy what life you have left, no one knows when it will end.

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