Monday, April 9, 2018


It is always nice to get out with my dogs and walk.  It was cool, but the snow has melted.  I was pleased to get fresh air and exercise plus fun time with my three little guys.  Living in the country mean nice quiet walks, watching birds, trees budding, clouds, and nature smells and sounds.  How blessed to be able to live in the country.

Yet,with all of this relaxing environment, I suffer from stress which is bothering my asthma.  Family gives me so much stress and they don't realize it or care.  Maybe both.  My doctor is checking many things out, a specialist for my asthma now.  More tests were scheduled by phone today for later this month.  A new inhaler, told to avoid damp and cold weather.  Close the wind when it is raining, and stay warm.  I was glad to here I am not allergic to dogs, etc. and just mildly toward grass and plants.  Stress is to be controlled, avoided.  Well, maybe I need to move to Arizona.  It is dry and warm and my family does not live there.

So I googled RV's ....just little guys and I could have a great adventure.  But first I have to get this asthma controlled.  Then I may feel good enough to fight it all head on again until I am sick again.  What a circle.

Tomorrow, I will bake and also quilt.  Glad to live in the country away from everyone.

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