Wednesday, May 9, 2018


No not a restaurant or bar, but really, a nest with youngsters sitting on the edge looking out at their big world.  Later we went back again with my son and two of his children.  My son is a certified, licensed, Missouri Falconer, which means he can have a hawk and train it for hunting.  He does, and actually has had three or four already, catching, keeping and training then releasing after about two years so they can again go out in the wild.  So it was with agreement that I had to tell him about this nest we found on our farm, but not telling the neighbors or the world where it is.  Some people don't appreciate these things and just act stupid.

So both times we approached, we did not go too close and we were quiet as we could be.  I took lots of photos with my long zoom.  What a treat when we went back with son and family that while we were again looking but respecting, one of the parents flew in.  It landed on a tree a bit away from the young and put down the fish it had in its beak, and started to converse with it's young.  Amazing to be a witness to all of this.  Wandering in the wonderful world, even if it is our farm, which is amazing, is something to behold.
Get out and enjoy this world.

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