Saturday, June 10, 2017

                           WHAT  HAT  TODAY?

Do you every ask yourself, "What Hat Today?"   Many people wear too many hats, or jobs or titles and that is what they mean when asked or asking this.For me, this country woman who is also retired, when I think of this question it is because I have gone out in the garage to get things to work in the yard.  I think, hat, yes, to protect from the sun rays going too much on my face and head.  My pile sits on top of the dog food container.  Not very glamorous but it works fo me.

Hats are practical but also fun so I try to combine the two.  My newest purchase as a tan light weight cloth hat that you can actually roll up, put in a suitcase or pocket and still comes out great.  Good for yard work but also for going "gadding" about.  It looks nice and is new and washable...a steal of a price from Scheels in Springfield, Illinois. 

I have several red or reddish hats because that is my favorite color.  One is canvas like material and wears well.  I used it lots when glamping and still do.  It is my go to hat for planting.  My granddaughter remembers the story i told her so many years ago about having to wear my growing hat when planting because it made the plants and seeds grow.  Well, this an a larger straw hat I have are the ones I wore and still do wear for garden work.

A straw material cowboy hat with leather draw string is handy on windy days so it is my go to hat on those days.  I like it for berry picking as it stay put and also can be taken off and hung down my back if I want to go without it in the breeze of the day.  I also did wear it often when horseback riding many years ago.  It is an old hat now.

My glamping and also steampunk style hat was a felt hat with a large red antiquey type flower and leaves on one side.  I passed it on to my friend, Hilly, who always has a knit sock booth at the steampunk festivals in Hannibal and always always liked my hat.  Because of that another friend wanted to help me out by giving me a hat of hers.  After all I had given one away and certainly was in need of another.  Not really, but it is red, straw, larger and has a veil...not really my "cup of tea", but she really wasn't my cup of tea as a friend either.  Always toxic.  I have the hat and will pass it on to someone else that really likes it.  So far the only person in my family  that thinks it is nice is my son, and he won't wear it.

Neighbors from South Africa said they would bring me back a hat like the new one I just purchased, but it will be reversible and made from fabric which is special to South Africa.  I have a little zip bag with this fabric from a year ago which they gave me.  So I will look forward to this new hat.

All my hats get used while I work around my country place and even sometimes when I go out and about.  I took my newest hat with me to latest Chicago trip and while there, yes, purchased another hat, but it is a winter grey felt hat with a black leather band around.  Very nice hat and more dressy.  
Hats are fun and fancy and frivolous, but can be practical also.  Some people tell me that they just "can't wear a hat", or they don't look good in a hat.  Silly people.  Who cares what others thing.  Get one, put it on at home and wear it around to get comfy with it.  Go outside and then go to town. Heaven's we glamping girls even wear aprons to town sometimes.  It is okay.  
So I tip my hat to you and tell you "Top of the Morning" as I get off and put my hat on and head to water my potato patch.

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