Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Like Mr. Rogers used to say,  "It's a beautiful day in my neighbor, in my neighbor."  It is for me also.  The weather is moderate, about 80, cool breeze, birds singing, sunshine, an all around pretty "almost" summer day.  

Not knowing what you do I will tell you how I start my day, around 5:30, my three little guys, my dogs, have to get out and go outside first thing.  Then I start the coffee, get my face washed and other stuff, before feeding them.  I make the bed and they sometimes want to help by jumping all around on it.  Fun times.  After getting some breakfast made, I usually head outside to sit in the porch swing or by the table and eat while enjoying the guys running around and also listening to the world wake up.  Have you ever done that?  It does wake anew each morning, sunrise, birds welcoming songs, maybe a truck or car, but few going past to work.  I talk to the dogs, the birds, and even my favorite patio tree frog that seems to have taken up residence.  The little bossy wren likes to complain because she thinks the porch swing is too close to her house.  I keep reminding her that she is renting and I am the landlady so she could be a little more pleasant.  She is one of "those types" that thinks she owns the place.  

Many things to do but because I am retired I never am in a rush.  It is good to have that luxury for my tired and sometimes sore bones.  With my walking and yoga I keep moving and stay limber also.  My Fitbit encourages me in this area.

There may be weeds to pull and hoeing to do today, or laundry to hang out, or berries to pick.  I must water as we need rain.  I also take time for photography, a passion.

My project for today is cutting out a new quilt, a crazy quilt block pattern.  It is done and by my sewing machine to work on another day.  I have to move on to some cleaning, etc. before going out for a long dog walk.  Now it is about 11 and I swim for a bit.  Hemingway, my Yorkie always joins me, jumping in and going on the raft also to bask in the pleasures of being a spoiled little pouch.  Others are not so keen on this adventure.

So I do shop but mostly at home, order today to Penneys and also to Buykud.  Other days I may order or Boxed.  All favorite sites for my shopping.  

After being outside working, I decide to eat lunch and read some, write some, and take a small nap with my little guys.  One hour, wow, I must have been tired.

Off to do some computer work, get the mail, get clothes off the line, feed my dogs and make my meal....tonight chicken breasted on the grill and sweet corn, with a fresh leaf lettuce salad.

The bobwhite are calling so will have to check if they are close for photos today.  Such lovely sounds my bird friends make throughout the day.

After a bath and hot tub, I am ready about 7:00 to sitdown and knit and watch some politics and news.  Sometimes I stay up to watch the local news, but mostly go to bed about 9:30 and read, while my dogs nap around me.  Up to take them outdoors one last time and check all is locked up and safe.

Good night world....I will see and hear and enjoy you again tomorrow GOD willing.

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