Friday, August 18, 2017


Yes, again guilty of slipping with my emails and my pinterest and blogging.  I do better with my snail mail to people as I send out postcards and notes about places I have been.  And facebook is a daily thing as is my yoga and meditations and devotions plus knitting.  Oh, put my wanderings and gardening and dogs and many other things I keep going with....taking care to get in walking, swimming and canning some during this season and it seems, may I use these excuses....guilty again of lapsing on what I always say is good for me to do.

My thoughts have been taken aback with all the political things and hatred things going on in our country also.  As I am a northern person who is dislocated I believe to the south, I do find going to town and seeing many confederate flags a bother to me.  I love my country and these things make me sad.  So I pray, I voice my opinion kindly and listen to the other side, but will never understand why people hate and want to go backwards.  Troubling because it has hit my family and some friends, who have actually decided to not be my friends any longer because I don't agree with them.

I revert back to my home, my dogs and my hobbies which I am so blessed to have.  I paint lovely pictures of birds and do photography of blessed sunrises and sunsets as our world turns each day to give me hummingbirds, leaves of trees, blooms of flowers, and ripe tomatoes.  My part of the world is good and I desire that for others.

A reprieve is to head to my home state more often and just chill out, enjoy and breath the air, visit the waters and beaches and forests and art people and authors and musicians I have come to know and enjoy.  Climb a well known childhood and adult mountain I relish good memories of.

Life goes past all of this and I wish that some would see that their daily lives need some reprieve as they fight the bigger picture but it can not be all about what they call the bigger picture.  Actually for me the bigger picture are the hummingbirds, the leaves of trees, the blooms of flowers, and ripe tomatoes and never leaving out my three special little guys.....Hemingway (yorkie), Vincent (maltese), and Mr. Molesley (Italian Greyhound).  I am blessed.

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