Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tis the Season....

Yes, it is the season for so much.  I have been trying to enjoy much of it all and passing on that joy to others with a smile, a hug, a small gift, or just some time.  I also am passing it on to myself by taking care to exercise, rest, and trying to eat right.  It seems I have tried to eat right and exercise lots in my life, but not always get all the rest I needed.  Now that I am retired, it does work better.  I have whole days I don't go anywhere and some I even stay in my pj's all day.  

So Thanksgiving has passed, and all I can say is, next year my plans are to go and serve the meal at some shelter like Salvation Army, where things may not have so much drama....taking care of myself here.  Then the wonderful Black Friday shopping which I enjoy doing, but with stores starting early, it takes some from the excitement.  We still do try to get up early on Friday and go and do some shopping and then out to a late breakfast or early lunch, depending on how much we shopped.  This year my daughter, who came to Thanksgiving at my son's house, asked to stay the night with us and then head out shopping with us the next day.  It was nice having a house quest and also to shop with.  Lots of laughs and wow's had by all.  
Saturday was the shop local or small town.  We did that by purchasing a new car.  Fun and I like my new little Chevy Sonic, plus side is that it is "red", good mileage, and smaller/easier to park and also see out of the back windows.  Sunday we attended our church and enjoyed that worship and fellowship.  On Monday, Cyber Monday, I , of course, had to take a part in that also, so I ordered some yarn as I have great plans to go through lots once I master making them on my circular sock knitting machine.  I have knit for 55 years and enjoy knitting socks on needles also.  I also ordered a book for my Kindle, Hemingway, which I wanted to read and also is one that FRANCE has again been reading after the attacks on Paris.  Hemingway had a "small house" on the Seine, in Paris and I was able to see this and take photos while visiting in September.
Of course I could not resist getting in on the half price of the final season of Downton Abbey, which will not ship to me until in February, but it will complete my collection of this wonderful series.  The biggest thing was that on Giving Tuesday we were able to pass our 2011 Mailbu over to our 18 year old grandson, John.  He was very excited and thankful for this gift.  He will get lots of years of use from this nice vehicle.  

Wow, I don't know what they call today, Wednesday after Thanksgiving, or the days to follow, but for me and my house, we are calling them Wednesday, Thursday, and so on.  Trusting you all had a joyful time also this Thanksgiving season and now enter into a great holiday season however you celebrate it.

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