Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer Days.....

Summer time is a great time in the country, which I probably have said before, but it does not hurt to say it over again, because, it simply....IS.

With enjoying the outdoors and the garden and the pool, I find myself staying home more, and making myself head to town for my knitting circle on Tuesday.  I take the time to eat lunch with friends, do the knitting circle and then do errands and grocery shopping.  Often, it is the only time I am in town until the next Tuesday.  

My friend, Hemingway does keep me company and I say he is my bff because he is.  He is loyal, kind, sweet, and he likes to keep me company, even swimming.  He loves the water.

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  1. Our little Yorkie loves to go to the park with our daughter and on walks with my DH and me. THey are loyal and faithful companions. He is 13 now and he is showing his age. A little white around the mouth and sleeps in and wants to go to bed early. giggle!