Wednesday, April 26, 2017


This plan to do more on my blog went well for a very brief time and then I slipped again.  Yes, I do like to write and have been doing some other things in my space at home, but challenge myself to do more.  A good friend encouraged me to write more as she always says I have much to say as a deep thinker and encourager.

Nice things to say, but also some hard times with family as of recent, which causes me to think about toxic people.  This is the first year that I did not invite family or friends for an Easter Sunday meal at our home.  Instead my husband and I headed to a friend's church to be what some churches call the C and E Christians, Christmas and Easter.  However, I do not fit this mold they would like to place me in just because I no longer attend weekly anywhere and don't even care to.  I no longer fit the mold of the "organized church", but I do fit with GOD, maybe even more that I don't.  So my friend's church would not label me, and I was comfortable.  Than we headed to a local restaurant for a nice meal.  The fun part was that there were lots of people we knew, our age, that could be having meals at home or with family, but were not.  I felt better with that also.  With all those activities, we headed home for a good afternoon nap time.  

All in all, my Easter was a great day, a transition of age, time and also attitude.  I no longer care to try to please everyone at my expense.  I no longer want to try to have people come to my home and watch that they treat each other with respect.  I do expect it from them but they do not always do so to each other which I believe is not showing me as the host respect either.  After sharing this with my grown children and some friends, I concluded that the next holiday which they always expected to come to at my  home, I would not entertain and did not.  

I say, yes, yes, yes, to my new move as I realized that just because people are related does not mean that they are not some of the toxic people of my world.  This will no longer be tolerated by this woman who has recently turned 69.  Just saying,  "It is time!"    

Hoping you all had a happy spring holiday also, whatever you call it, Spring Time, Easter, Passover, etc.

And, I really will try to do better on my blog.

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