Monday, October 8, 2018


Tonight I took stock of how I have changed my health.  Yes, me, a 70 year old white haired lady.  But before I make a list to let you know, I also believe that being in the country, outside everyday, grounding to the earth, yoga, good eating, and enough sleep are all a big part.  Also, standing up for myself and also my best-friend to self when it comes to addressing things with my doctors.  Actually after ten years with my primary doctor, I told him I was moving to another doctor, a woman, who listens to me, and does think that when I look up things and get info about things, maybe she should look at it and discuss it with me instead of just putting it down and going on to tell me what he wants.  

So, I have been doing so much better with my asthma since going to a specialist for it.  I am off all allergy medications, also nasal spray for allergies is gone.  I don't use an inhaler twice a day and asked to use my rescue inhaler every 4 hours when I have a cold.  That is just wrong and my specialist was shocked with that direction as it is hard on one's heart.  So I now take Breo once in the morning.  For allergies, which I really have none, I do nothing.  For sinuses, I have a rinses my sinuses out daily and when I use it before going to bed, I feel so cleaned out and can breath well.  Also, all the pollen of the day is gone.  For additives, I used a bunch and now only take a one a day vitamin and calcium which both give extra calcium and D because I have osteoporois.  For that, I get a prolia shot every six months and it is making my bones actually better and does not make me sick, like the pills did.  Now, I do not do fish oil and small dose aspirin or vitamin C anymore either.  I eat some fish, mainly tuna.  I drink juice and eat wonderful fresh fruits.  Vitamins are also helped by getting outside in the sunlight and exercising also. Another day and another 10,000 plus steps counted by my Fitbit.  I have been able to work myself off of cholestrol medications also with diet.  Now am working myself off of small heart medication.  My heart doctor says I do not need it, problems are not there and why take it, but have to slowly work off, so taking one a day instead of two, and next month I will start taking 1/2 of one each day for a month.  My new doctor and I worked out this schedule.  I also unwind before heading to bed, play some cards on the computer, read, television off, and maybe have some warm tea.  If tired during the day, I take a nap.  If not, I don't.

So as I now get ready for bed, I check my plans for the next day.  I always have plans, but am flexible also.  Plans for baking bread, for creativity, for fresh air.  And, of course, my dogs....oh, that add so much to my life.  Family and friends, well, if they are not going to be harsh or demanding, I disconnect.  My dogs are always the better companions anyway.

So be encouraged as there is hope.  In 2008 I had heart issues, and in 2011 I had to quit work.  I was not allowed to even go up/down stairs because I was dizzy and weak, and shaky.  I had chronic fatigue .  Now, I vacation myself, drive, fly, take trains.  Life is good.

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Fall Day in My Part of the World.

Today is such a lovely fall day in NE rural Missouri.  With a somewhat upset stomach, I must say I have not done much, but am still enjoying the day while I sit on my laptop out in the screened porch.  My little dogs play in the yard, all but Hemingway, who always sits or lays near me.  At this point he is laying on the table next to the laptop while I type.  He is such a great companion.

Yesterday I took out the pumpkin patch and fixed a fall decoration by the front porch.  My little guys saw the big pumpkin and growled.  So funny.  It was grown by the Amish who farm about 15 miles from here.  Yesterday was a bit cooler but breezy and nice.  Today is a bit too warm for me, but so nice and sunny.  

Walnuts keep falling from the backyard trees.  So glad they have yet to hit one of the dogs.  We pick them up nightly and throw them over the fence so they don't chew on them.  Some years family have taken them to market.  Some years I have dried and hulled.  For me, purchased already cleaned ones at Sam's is a much better deal.  It takes lots of work to dry and hull the nuts, but I know many who do.  Blessings to them.

My outside annual plants are just about finished, but the zinna keep blooming on in full color.  While the fall mums are looking so colorful as are my blooms on the Sedum, I enjoy picking some dried bouquets of Black-eyed Susans and even weeds.  

Fall brings me to checking out all I have planned for my fall trip home to Wisconsin, and especially Door County.  The leaves will be great, the food and entertainment wonderful, and friends will be fun to reconnect with.  Artists, authors, and musicians who I have come to know are always happy to visit and catch up with things each year.  Even the tea shop I always purchase leaf tea from and is on my facebook, states they are ready to see me again.  Such nice English ladies.  

Fall dress of blue jeans again, as in the summer it is just too hot here for jeans, at least for me.  I wear lots of capris and skirts.  But now jeans or cordaroy pants are the thing, as are sweaters and heavier tops.  Some days I will have to wear a light jacket, but nothing heavy yet.  Some winters here I don't even have to wear a heavy jacket because it is simply too warm.  I have a long heavy winter coat that I have worn only a few times in years and years, but it is a Wisconsin coat and I will keep it for those few days.

The last of the apples will be picked this week.  Making a few batches of jelly, as I have much froze and canned already.  Bread making and crisp and pies will use up some.  It seems all are too busy to come and pick theirs but would take them if I would do it.  My thought is they need to take the time to enjoy the out of doors and apple picking which is part of the fall.  They would have liked some of my pumpkins also.   I am not greedy, but am not turning any over to any who want to miss the whole great experience.  If they are too busy to pick and miss the joy and appreciation of the growth and even the grower, then they can purchase theirs at WalMart or elsewhere.  For me, as I walk past my front porch, I admire all of my decor of corn stalks and pumpkins and mums, and will go in the house and eat some freshly picked apples, sliced, with warmed up carmel.  

Moral of story is to never be too busy to enjoy the seasons and the outdoors and the produce from it all.  And maybe appreciate the person telling you to come and enjoy and profit from the produce.  I used to work alot, but still grew and canned and picked.  There is time for what is good for you if you really want to take it.  Maybe stay off of your phone or computer more and seize the moment of the day.

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Standing tall does not only mean structure, but it means inside, which, to me, is more important then anything.  You have to stand up for yourself at any age.  The younger generation talk about being bullied at school.  All ages can be bullied.  It is not right.  I tell you that I hear and see and also have had people bully me and I am 70.  But I am a force inside that may not look like it on the outside.  They may see this eccentric, old hippie lady, with white hair, a little slower walk, but are wrong to only see that.  I am strong.  I am standing tall always on the inside, for myself and for others.  Bullies look out.  There are lots of people like me around.  We stand for good, we stand for character, for respect, for truth and more truth, for dignity, honesty, loyalty, and kindnesses also.
Don't think you should over look the older person, and don't neglect or disrespect them.  We are here for others.  We are here for others to look at and listen to and learn from.  

I like learning all I can and often it is from younger people.  Some of my older friends have just stopped.  It is ashamed as I see it.  So much life to live, even at 70.  So much yet to experience and learn.  

So get up, get going, stand tall, learn, and grow, and stand tall for yourself and others.  Be brave.  Also standing tall is good physically for the old frame of bones that hold us up.
Be the best you can be.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Today I spent time with the hummingbirds that grace my backyard and dining room window feeders.  As I go out the screen door, they whiz past, enjoying their flight and the food to come.  Some times while I am hanging up a full feeder, they start eating before I get it hooked to the chain that holds it.  As of yet none have landed on my hands.  Today, however, while taking photos of these little birds, and watching the feeders through my lens for them, one decided to shock me by hovering right in front of my lens.  I did not capture a shot of it, but just enjoyed the moment.  At times this is what I find myself doing, enjoying my moments and not always taking photos or sharing the photos I have taken.  IT seems to make my moments of life just a little sweeter.  But I still share some, and have even been posting some to the local weather channel.  They use them in their weather/news reports.  It is fun to being watching television and see a part of my day and knowing others are sharing it also, and just maybe liking it.

So I now share some hummer photos with all of you.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

First Purse made....

Addicted, Arlis, a fabric worker for Hobby Lobby, told me when I purchased fabric for a purse.  She said I would get addicted and make lots of them.  I thought, well, maybe, but I will be happy to finish this one first.  She was right and we both laughed about it when I headed her way a few days ago with the search on for more fabric in the remnant pile for a few more purses, only a few, actually only two, but then when I go up to the cutting counter, there it was, long bolts of fabric, upholstery, and some in steel blue with varied sized dots, so very Frank Lloyd Wright I thought, and it was wide, marked down to only $4.00 a yard.  A yard I said, so off I went to the cutting board with it and my remnants . 
Arlis, well she laughed again, and said, well that yard will probably make 4 purses, so now you have fabric for six.  Happy sewing.  But I still have my fall dress jacket to cut out and sew.....So today, well I did not sew, but I cut.  My jacket is all carefully cut out as it is a large project with lots of detail, pleats in the back, lapels, pockets, and button holes, plus lining.  I just had to cut out just one purse also.  Just one.  I admit I was tempted to cut out more, but did not cave.  

Photo below is of my first purse which I sewed this week.  It was fun, quite easy, and I think pretty also.  The thing is that you can design any print or color and add buttons, or other items to it.  So it becomes uniquely yours...or whoever you are making it for.  

My Newest Quilt.....

This week I finished the mason jar, zinc lid, critters inside embroidered block quilt with bee fabric for sashes and outer boarder.  A pale yellow small floral for the framing of the blocks looks so nice also.  The back is bright colors, with paisley print and flowers.  I liked using the quilt width backing, my first time to do that in all the quilts I have made through the years.  Sometimes I have used a sheet but first to purchase backing fabric and am pleased with it, so it is a must for the next up and comer quilt which is autumn colors and will be a block four square.  I have yet to start it because I have other projects to do first in sewing, such as some purses, a new found addiction to making them.  Also am sewing a very nice fall jacket for myself,  black embossed and lined with a pink rayon.  Large project which I would like to finish before going on vacation mid October.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Peach good.

Fresh from our orchard, peaches, so sweet and lovely that when I made pie, I did not have to use any sugar.  No sugar at all, just some butter and spices.  So delicious.  I also made a peach upside down cake which was so tasty, but had to use brown sugar for the topping, and some sugar in the cake part.  

Now when it comes to jam.  It takes lots of work to clean and cut all the peaches needed, however only four cups for each batch I made.  I cut them small but then placed them in the kettle and squashed them some also with my potato masher.  While cooking and stirring and stirring some more, I had time to think and remember my dear sweet Grandma Clara who passed away in 1988.  That is 30 years, yes, but such great time always remembering how she made jams and jellies in this very kettle that I now have.  I also use the funnel and dipper to fill the jars that she used.  I helped her at times make jams and jellies, always wearing an apron.  Honestly, I even have the last apron she sewed before getting too ill with her cancer to sew any longer.  All of this makes my day and work more special.  Memories cannot be purchased nor can my jam.  It does not even compare to the best jam out there.  That is no exaggeration or just is.  Today my husband took a small jar in to a friend at his coffee group.  You would have thought we gave him gold.  He knew what he was getting and felt very privileged to receive it.